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 GiffGaff charging - Ambo
Just got a new Doro 8050 phone and a SIM from GiffGaff for a pay-as-you-go deal. I bought £20 worth of time from them but the email receipt shows "Starts: 02/12/2021 Ends: 01/01/222". I expected to renew only when the credit ran low, which I guessed would be much longer. Putting a time limit on it makes planning much harder and likely loss to the punter.

The email does't allow a callback from me. Are there any GiffGaffers on the forum who can comment on their own GG experience please?
 GiffGaff charging - Bromptonaut
The move from PAYG as cash credit to being calls/texts/data useable in a month was discussed in a previous thread:
 GiffGaff charging - tyrednemotional
It sounds very much like you have purchased a "Goodybag", rather than added PAYG credit.

The Goodybags buy you a defined amount of data (the amount varies depending on ££s spent), and free inclusive calls (to most numbers) for a period of a month, at which point it all expires.

For PAYG use you need instead to add "Credit" which is defrayed as and when calls are made/data is used. Credit does not expire (though I think you need to use the phone at least every 6 months or a year or something or the SIM is deactivated).

The call charges for PAYG on GiffGaff are not cheap, but it is real PAYG, and for a few calls can be cost effective.

If you find you need bundled data and or calls for the odd sub-month period, it is entirely possible to buy a "Goodybag" from any remaining credit.
 GiffGaff charging - smokie
I know you already have GifGaf but going via uSwitch you could get a no contract SIM card with Lebara, with 200 minutes, unlimited texts and 1Gb of data for £3.95 pm.

 GiffGaff charging - No FM2R

The SIM costs £10 which comes with £10 credit.

1p per min, 1p per text, 1p per MB, it needs to be topped up every 4 months.

On the EE network
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 GiffGaff charging - Manatee
I think you must have bought a Goodybag.

I have £12.29 credit on my giffgaff account which has been there for ages and doesn't expire. It's there in case I have any charges not covered by my current Goodybag which I have on 'standing order'. At the moment I see my current £10 one will expire on 7th December and still has 14GB of data on it which sounds as if I should switch to a cheaper Goodybag but I usually use more data and the £8 one only has 3GB.

If you set a monthly recurring Goodybag then you can have one of the 'Golden' ones - the ordinary £10 one gets you 10GB, the Golden £15GB.

I could do without all the daft jargon. A Goodybag is simply a one month bundle that can be a one off or set as recurring.

I wish I could explain it more simply. I just pay my £10 a month and it covers all my calls and texts, and has enough data.
 GiffGaff charging - No FM2R
>>I could do without all the daft jargon.

Agreed. I simply cannot be a***d to deal with it. Though as it is no longer such a good deal, fortunately I don't have to.
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 GiffGaff charging - Ambo
>>It sounds very much like you have purchased a "Goodybag", rather than added PAYG credit.

It does. Thanks for highlighting this. I will try to correct it.
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