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 Routers with VPN - Zero
Youtube gave me a substantial bonus this month, so I have toy money to spend.

Having talked myself out of a new mobile phone ( the current mobe is only 2019 vintage) I have thought practical. I have VPN's installed (some prt time) on about half the various devices on my net, and I am now thinking about a dedicated small VPN server for my net, or more likely a router with (or easily accepts a side loaded) VPN.

Anyone with any first hand experience for suggestions on make.
 Routers with VPN - Crankcase
Build a Pivpn while thinking about it?
 Routers with VPN - smokie
I'm not up to date with it but Linksys used to be the ones for putting on non-stock firmware. I remember playing around with Tomato and DD-WRT firmwares on one of the Linksys WRT54 family of routers which were well regarded at the time but I expect are obsolete now.

I have an inbound OpenVPN on a Pi which has been useful from time to time - when away for a long time I could log on as though I was on the local network which gave me easier access to some things (though I tend to leave my PC on and just use AnyDesk now).

Outbound I use NordVPN but occasionally their servers seem to freeze and it requires a disconnect/reconnect. Also many of their server IPs are "known" by the Beeb, who ban them from using catchup.

Anyway I'd start with Linksys I think, for no good reason other than I found it good ages ago.
 Routers with VPN - Kevin
I think most of the well-known brand name routers can be flashed with open firmware now and I wouldn't spend my cash on any that couldn't.
The reason for that being that a manufacturer won't put much effort into firmware maintenance once it's a couple of years old unless there's a big security hole that's likely to damage his reputation.

I'd start by browsing dd-wrt to get an idea of what's popular at the moment and any problems/complaints.

PS. I see that dd-wrt now have prominent links on their site to who will sell you a Linksys, Netgear or Asus pre-flashed.
 Routers with VPN - Zero
I spent the money on a new phone. Couldn't resist, it was a genuinely good black Friday deal.

Now have a Moto G60s.
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