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This is work related. Work is a charity and there are no IT guys on the management team. Where there are IT glitches they're dealt with by a contractor. I'm not exactly a techie but I've more IT knowledge/experience then average and try to be helpful if things go awry.

Post pandemic a lot of us work at home with laptops. Although they are work machines they're standalones; no VPN/network involved. The laptop allows us to access various web based tools including our case recording system needed for the job.

As you might expect the laptops are locked so that an Administrator password is needed for most changes. This is a problem for users as they need access to a programme called QBC which does benefit calculations for us. QBC is regularly updated as the benefits landscape changes. There's been a new version this week implementing the budget changes to Universal Credit. It is circulated as a link which downloads the updated version ready for installation.

However as it's a programme installation requires the admin password. Either it is disclosed to individuals on a 'need to know' basis or machines have to be brought into the office. Either way it's a PITA. Some staff are not all that IT savvy; trying the same failed process over and over again as though they might get a different result is a common 'thing'.

Is there any way an Administrator hierarchy can be established so that for example users can install programmes but only from prescribed sources?
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