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I’m sitting here miffed at the moment.

I pay from my budget at work, £300,000 a year for a licence to use a piece of software (SaaS) for a team of 11.

We need the software as it helps us to be efficient but the choice wasn’t ours. It was software that the larger company was using and we had to sign up to that package as opposed to one of a handful of alternatives.l

We were assured by email and project sign off from the larger bank that the software contract was for 6 years and they had no expectations to change it within the 6 years.

Now, 10 months later and at a cost of tens of thousands to integrate this software, plus months of my time sorting it out and getting it to work for our team, the larger bank has decided to go with a different supplier. We cannot afford the cost or have permission to licence the software ourselves.

All that work down the drain as very little in the new system is compatible with the old one and I still haven’t been given the costs or budget to effect the changes.
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