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 JavaScript a security risk? - Ambo
My large local authority will not now respond online unless JavaScript is installed on my computer. However, my expert's comment is that "Most of the browsers have disabled JavaScript as it's a perceived security risk." (I'm using Chrome as a browser.) I can't get through the council telephone wait list for a comment.

Is JavaScript in fact widely seen as risky?

 JavaScript a security risk? - Zero
You will have to better define what "will now not respond means". Is that via a web browser form, or email. What is the exact wording of the message you get, is it a message from your browser.
 JavaScript a security risk? - Ambo
By "not respond" I mean not give access to any of its online services. They informed me via email and the exact wording of the key part of it (in red) is "You MUST have JavaScript enabled to use our online service, please do not continue if you don't have JavaScript turned on."
 JavaScript a security risk? - Zero
Yes it can be a risk, BUT you can enable it on specific web sites.


How to Enable or Disable JavaScript Only on Specific Pages
Blocking JavaScript can disable functionality on websites, and may make some websites unusable. Blocking it in Chrome isn't an all-or-nothing setting, though. You can choose to block specific sites, or, if you block all JavaScript, set exceptions for specific websites you define.

You can find these settings in the JavaScript section of the Chrome settings. Beneath the switch to disable all JavaScript are two sections, Block and Allow.

In the Block section, select Add to specify the URL for the page or site you want to disable JavaScript. Use the Block section when the JavaScript switch is set to enabled (see above).
In the Allow section, select Add to specify the URL of a page or site on which you want to allow JavaScript to run. Use this when the toggle switch is off to disable all JavaScript.
 JavaScript a security risk? - No FM2R
>>Is JavaScript in fact widely seen as risky?

Well, it can be exploited so the risk is there, but I don't think it's that big a risk. The risk is that something can be downloaded and executed on your computer which may do something you don't want it to do.

I have it enabled because a couple of sites I use break if I do not.

You can always turn it on, use the site, and then turn it off again.
 JavaScript a security risk? - Kevin
I think someone is confusing Javascript with Flash which was such a headache from a security standpoint it was unfixable so they did the decent thing and took it out the back and shot it.
Browser support was removed ages ago.
 JavaScript a security risk? - VxFan
The Puffin browser App still allows Flash to be used.
 JavaScript a security risk? - Biggles
Or maybe confusing javascript with java?
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