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 Warning Triangle - Ambo
On all Word and Excel documents, high right and next to the Share icon, I get a small yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in the centre. It is there on all tabs, File, Home etc. I does not respond to left or right clicking. I have never spotted it before. It is evidently a warning but of what?
 Warning Triangle - James Loveless
Something to do with not being signed in to Microsoft Office?
 Warning Triangle - VxFan
That's the meaning of it on my work PC. Not signed into Office 365.
 Warning Triangle - Ambo
I thought Word and Excel were part of Office. I don't have or want Power Point so perhaps that is the reason for the triangle.
 Warning Triangle - smokie
Unless it's causing a problem I'd just ignore it, based on the causes for it above.
 Warning Triangle - Bromptonaut

Which version of Word, Excel etc are you using?

As others have said if it's the subscription version it seems to indicate that you're not logged in.

Is it possible, with an older purchased version, it's a warning that it's no longer supported?

I was getting repeated warnings that the 2010 version lost support last year. It's good enough for me still and I suspect I was able to suppress the warnings in the 'do not show this message again' sense.
 Warning Triangle - Ambo
>>Which version of Word, Excel etc are you using?

Unless Windows 11 or Office 2016 (which I have) are meant, I don't know. Where would I find out?

 Warning Triangle - Bromptonaut
If it's Office 2016 then I believe mainstream support has ended.
 Warning Triangle - VxFan
After a quick Google

Open Word or Excel
Select File > Account
Sign out
Now Sign in again.
 Warning Triangle - Ambo
Thanks Vx. I got cold feet and did not sign out - but the triangles have disappeared anyway!
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