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 Dare I? - Robin O'Reliant
A little icon at the bottom of my screen tells me my W11 update is ready.

It's staring at me like one of those big red buttons labelled "DO NOT PRESS"

I so want to :-(
 Dare I? - tyrednemotional
...don't do it....!

It's the last step in Bill's takeover of the world as it enables the PC to connect via 5G with the chips implanted by your Covid jab.

BSOD for you if you do...
 Dare I? - Kevin
Go on, it's completely safe. Everything has been fully tested and there are no unresolved bugs, compatibility problems, removed utilities you use every day and absolutely nothing has been renamed and moved so you can't find it. It won't reset all of your settings back to default and the extra information it sends back to the mothership has been improved to give you a better online experience.

No backups needed, just tell it to upgrade.
 Dare I? - bathtub tom
>> Go on, it's completely safe.

Trust me, I'm a man.

 Dare I? - Robin O'Reliant
Well I did dare - for five days before rolling back to 10. It was slow and unwieldy om my PC and if there are any advantages in W11 I never found them. An utterly pointless exercise IMO, just not worth it.

At least it rolled back seamlessly.
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