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 Kindle "With Ads" - Ambo
My ancient Kindle is not holding battery charge as it used to and needs replacing. I see the basic Paperwhite models are sold as being "With Ads" Are these of the "You might like..." static variety of ads (that I get now) or something more intrusive? The "Without Ads" version is more expensive.
 Kindle "With Ads" - No FM2R
Special offers on the lock/opening screen, I think, nothing too much.
 Kindle "With Ads" - maltrap
Just out of curiosity,
My wife is an avid reader and I’ve considered getting her a Kindle.
Do you have to be an Amazon Prime customer or can you download books
without subscription.
 Kindle "With Ads" - neiltoo
No, you don't need a Prime subscription.
There is an enormous number of books available, with many at low price (99p).
More recent titles can be nearly as expensive as hard copies.

You don't need a Kindle, however, you can download the app to your tablet, or laptop.


 Kindle "With Ads" - tyrednemotional

>> You don't need a Kindle, however, you can download the app to your tablet, or
>> laptop.

...SWMBO is an avid reader, and I bought her one of the early Kindles, which got an awful lot of use.

Then the (County) Library started doing eBooks. Free loans, as per standard library books, but downloadable over the web. Unfortunately not in Kindle format, but in an eReader format that works with a significant number of apps that are installable on a tablet.

It proves most useful for both of us, since we both have a tablet bought for multiple uses for our travels in the motorhome. (I read widely when we're away) We can both download something in the order of 8 books at a time, and refresh the library at intervals whilst we are on our travels (originally, this could not be done from abroad, but the restriction was lifted a couple of years ago).

In pure reading, I think the better Kindles are probably slightly more user-friendly, but use of a tablet (I wouldn't want to use a laptop or PC) is very acceptable. About the only downside is that the library has a restricted number of copies of any title available (though the number and scope of titles is vast) so you might have to wait for (reserve) popular ones. It is, of course, free - Kindle/Amazon gives you the opportunity simply to buy a book immediately, rather than reserve it, but you are paying.

Both our tablets have the Kindle app on them as well, so we could use Amazon if we wished, but the Library provides ample scope for variety, and the old Kindle is now residing in a drawer somewhere.
 Kindle "With Ads" - Zero
Idris has a kindle, I have the reader app on my mac book, phone & tablet. On my mac book I have a kindle > ebook converter.
 Kindle "With Ads" - smokie
SWMBO reads a lot, especially on holidays when she used to take 8 - 10 books for a fortnight.

She was dead anti having a Kindle.

So I got her a 2nd hand paperwhite.

She hardly outs it down now, and it is as easy to read in bright sunlight as in the dark.

She's now able to take on holiday even more stuff that she won't use.

She shares the sub with at least one daughter, if not both (I believe it's legit). Prime, so free deliveries etc.

If I read much I'd get one.
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 Kindle "With Ads" - Stuartli
My daughter-in-law, like me, loves reading and having a huge stock of hardback books.

She acquired a Kindle a few years ago and absolutely loves it - perfect for the rail journey to and from work daily or reading in the garden during the summer months.
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