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 Another file extension - Iffy
Just been sent an email with an attachment I can't open.

I'm sure it will be a text file, but the extension '.docx' has defeated all my software.

I have Open Office and Word Viewer (2003?), one or both of which will open '.doc' documents.

No doubt a copy of Microsoft Office would do the job, but I am not prepared to pay any money to solve this problem.

Worse way, the guy will have to resend it in a format I can decipher.

Any ideas before I throw in the towel?

 Another file extension - captain grimes
Seems to be a Word 2007 file. Apparently the latest version of Open Office opens it...
You could always try deleting the final "x"; might load OK.
 Another file extension - Fenlander
.docx is the latest Office/Word format.... 2007 onwards version.

You could try this..

Don't like the fact they want your mail address though.

I think Microsoft have free convertors if you had Word or Office 2003 which isn't that expensive.
 Another file extension - Iffy
A trial version of the docx-convertor opened part of the document.

They want $19.99 for the full version, which is not a lot of money, but it's not worth it to me at this stage.

My attempt at downloading the latest version of Open Office failed, possibly due to dodgy wi-fi access at the caravan in leafy North Yorkshire.

Will try again when I'm on a better connection.

Thanks for the replies - they pointed me in the right direction.
 Another file extension - Crankcase
Replace your Word 2003 viewer with the Word 2007 viewer, would be my suggestion. You can get it from here (it links to Microsoft):

 Another file extension - Iffy
...Replace your Word 2003 viewer with the Word 2007 viewer...

The Microsoft download centre shunted me towards a 2003 Viewer update, but, great joy, it's worked - document fully opened.

As ever with the computer after I've completed a task, I feel older, but not much wiser. :)

 Another file extension - Iffy

Downloaded latest version of Open Office.

It also opens the '.docx' document, so that's two free solutions.

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