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 outlook/hotmail problems - sooty123
In trying to set up the outlook app on my phone I've had problems. It doesn't seem to recognise my account, I've tried downloading the app again. I've tried using the generic email set up on my phone. It worked fine on my old phone, but not on this one . The phone is a S10.
 outlook/hotmail problems - Kevin
Error messages?
 outlook/hotmail problems - sooty123
Yes, when I enter my email address I get 'unable to log in' and I should contact support. The error is in loading the authentication it says.
 outlook/hotmail problems - No FM2R
You're not doing something daft with your email address are you? instead of .com, or using the wrong name, using your gmail username with hotmail, or something like that?

It suggests it's not even finding your account. So wrong username, wrong service, or something similar is possible.
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 outlook/hotmail problems - sooty123
Well I'm not sure what I was doing/not doing but it's now working.
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 outlook/hotmail problems - tyrednemotional
FWIW, I had a number of authentication issues on the PC version of Outlook (web interface) yesterday for addresses that are little used. The responses I got in attempting to sort it it were entirely illogical, but the issue righted itself.
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