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 Google Drive and OneDrive - Duncan
When I start my desktop GoogleDrive keeps popping up and asking me to - can't remember - join? log in or something. I kept 'dismissing' it until this morning when to shut it up I clicked on 'ok', 'if you really must', or something. My PC immediately went into a go slow. I managed to get rid of it somehow, should I worry if it comes back? What's it for?

Perhaps similarly I have One Drive festering in the bottom right hand corner of my screen telling me it's up to date. What's it for? I don't remember inviting it? Shall I leave it alone?

I have had a computer since Charles Babbage was in short trousers and I still don't know what it's all about.

Any words of advice, please?
 Google Drive and OneDrive - No FM2R
OneDrive is cloud storage related to a Microsoft account you have. Could be Office365, Outlook, Hotmail etc. etc.

It keeps a copy of certain folders on your computer up in the cloud. If you have a paid account it-s a TB, can-t remember what a free account gives you but it's a lot less.

Google Drive is the same, though related to a Google account (GMail probably). It has the added complication that the previously entirely s***e software is currently being replaced by some more complicated but equally s*** software called "Googe Drive for PC" or for windows, or for desktop or some such s***e.

That's probably what you just said yes to. Be reassured though that it will install without difficulty though it will take ages, bring no obvious advantage and provide a bucket load of unknowns and complications. The way it works with Google Photos is a joy all on its own.
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 Google Drive and OneDrive - Kevin
>..I clicked on 'ok', 'if you really must', or something..

You did read the whole of the Terms & Conditions and agree to the Privacy Statement didn't you?
 Google Drive and OneDrive - Zero

>> Any words of advice, please?

You are now backing up the same stuff, in two places run by two different people, and they will both be doing it at the same time. No wonder your pc slowed up.

Advice, - get rid or disable one. Oh and you do know how to recover those files using the one you have left dont you?
 Google Drive and OneDrive - Duncan
While reading these replies above a window opened on the screen which said:-

Back up and sync is no longer available. Google Drive is replacing backup and Sync. Then some
which I didn't write down.

Zero, I think you know that I know 3% of the square root of next to nothing.

Can I get rid or disable both of them? Should I?
 Google Drive and OneDrive - No FM2R
>>Can I get rid or disable both of them? Should I?

You can. Should you? Probably not but it's difficult to know.

Google Drive and OneDrive bring similar advantages by keeping copies of your files in the cloud.

1) One more line of defence against losing it in the event of a hardware failure*
2) The ability to get to your files from any computer, not just your own
3) The ability to share a file (or directory) with someone else.

Only you can know if that matters to you.

For me, I use OneDrive and Google Drive for different types of data. They don't have much impact on your PC unless you change a load of files at the same time.

* less/not important if you backup your files locally.
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