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 Unusable Blue Screen - Ambo
For some emails I can’t send direct but must go by an intermediary service. (I can’t see why.) This now shows up as a near-blank blue screen with just “Choose which account to send an email from” near the top and “cancel” at the foot. However, there is no list to choose from.

I believe I must have inadvertently deleted some essential step in the past and blocked my way to the list now. From memory, I believe 3 services were listed, Google, Facebook and Apple. If access is granted I would choose Google and would need to supply a new password.

Can anyone tell me how to restore this facility please? My existing email service is BT.

 Unusable Blue Screen - No FM2R
I do not have the slightest idea what is going on, sorry.

What I can tell you though is that typing your password into something that you don't fully understand is never a good idea.
 Unusable Blue Screen - Ambo
Yes, very odd. I can get an example of the blue screen (which turned up by way of a search, not an email) by Googling Dr. Foster, selecting Telstra Health UK then Enquiry but can't get any further. I believe a careless click may have deleted the underlying program.
 Unusable Blue Screen - Ambo
I think I have found the answer. The blue screen probably appeared when clicking on an email address or "Contact us" in some websites. It makes no difference of course if the program is inoperable.
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