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 Password Managers - smokie
Following on from Mark's Scams thread, I want to use a Password Manager. Criteria I can think of are:

Usable on Windows, Android and IOS
Accessible by more than one person
Cloud access?

but I am looking for advice on what really is desirable and anything that isn't, along with recommendations for specific products please.

 Password Managers - smokie
So I did a good bit of reading and two free ones seem to stand out (mainly as they are free!)- MyKi and BitWarden - both have a premium edition with some benefits.

The functionality seems similar so I think I'll start with Bitwarden.
 Password Managers - No FM2R
I don't know anything about MyKi.

As far as I can see all the main products do much the same stuff, just that the UI varies.

I find that LastPass does that seamlessly and effortlessly but has the limitation that the free version will only work on one type of device - in my case that's the PC. On the very rare occasions I need it on the phone I use the web interface rather than the app, which is somewhat cumbersome but it works. LastPass is almost worth paying for, but not quite and I felt like I was being pressured into paying so I don't..

I have Bitwarden installed and loaded, it works on PC and phone, but I find the whole thing clunky so it's only there "just in case". It isn't as smooth to use as LastPass but I guess I'd get used to it pretty quickly if I needed to. It does do the credential sharing stuff though, but I have no interest in that.

But as I say, the functionality is much the same on all of them so I think you'd have to start using one to find out what you thought.
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