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 Yamaha MCR-042 Music Centre - Ambo
Has anyone here have one of these and can tell me how to change the CR2032 button battery please? I bought the centre 7 years ago and I guess he battery will fail before long.

The manual illustration of the process look easy and the text says to push the cover to one side then slide the battery holder out. The cover will not be pushed. Is there a trick to it?
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 Yamaha MCR-042 Music Centre - zippy
If it's the remote's battery then you may have to:

Hold the remote so the back is facing you.

Use your nail on the battery grip to push it right (with your thumb)

At the same time, sliding the battery holder out using your index or forefinger in the notch to pull the compartment out.
 Yamaha MCR-042 Music Centre - smokie
There are pics of how to do it at - page 3, same page as the Contents
 Yamaha MCR-042 Music Centre - No FM2R
>>The cover will not be pushed. Is there a trick to it?

If I recall correctly the battery is in a little tray, which also forms the wall of the remote, if you see what I mean. I seem to remember there is a little tab on the tray which needs to be slid to one side - it is actually a clip preventing the tray sliding out.
 Yamaha MCR-042 Music Centre - Ambo
Got it now. Many thanks.
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