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 MAC (& HP?) docking station - Mapmaker
So I have an HP docking station.

And somebody wants to attach a Mac Air to the keyboard/mouse and screen. The screen has a display port.

Is there an easy fix that doesn't involve lots of unplugging every time there is an HP-Mac change? Or do I need a Mac docking station too? or something...

(Best solution, bin the Mac and buy a proper computer, I know that.)
 MAC (& HP?) docking station - No FM2R
"HP also goes out of its way to emphasise the fact that the USB-C Dock G5 is compatible with both Windows and macOS, so it clearly has its eye on all those MacBook owners who struggle with just a pair of USB-C ports"
 MAC (& HP?) docking station - Mapmaker
Thanks Mark, I think you might be telling me that the Mac can plug into the docking station that's already there... HP docks to what ten minutes of googling tells me is apparently called a: "USB Type-C port with Thunderbolt"

Is that the same hole as is in the Mac?

I never even thought to try it... such is my expectation of Apple's compatability.
 MAC (& HP?) docking station - No FM2R
I think you need to try it, it would appear that there is some chance.
 MAC (& HP?) docking station - Biggles
My preferred solution is a screen with a usb-c port for connecting to the laptop with all peripherals plugged into usb ports of the screen. Any chance yours has this functionality?
 MAC (& HP?) docking station - Mapmaker
So... the Mac plugs in to the docking station (or, to be fair, the docking station plugs into the Mac). The mouse and keyboard work, but not the screen... Any ideas?

 MAC (& HP?) docking station - No FM2R
Ah, when I was looking at it the other day I found there was something different about the video side of things.

I'll try and find the same page again and pay a bit more attention. The problem being that I don't really know much about Apple stuff.
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 MAC (& HP?) docking station - No FM2R
Sorry, with so little experience of MACs and without one to dick around on, I can't work it out.

This in case it helps.

 MAC (& HP?) docking station - Mapmaker
Thank you. Interestingly, plugging one directly into the computer (with the help of a USB C to HDMI converter) works fine; it's just that one already attached to the docking station does not play ball. The idea was to avoid endless plugging and unplugging of cables - but maybe that's not an option.
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