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 Hotmail not working on PC - bathtub tom
I can access it on a tablet, but on the tower PC I get the message: your message can't be displayed right now. Please check your network conection and try again later.

I've re-booted the PC and re-loaded outlook. The tablet uses wifi to the same internet connection as the PC.

Any suggestions anyone. My connection's obviously OK if you can read this.
 Hotmail not working on PC - Falkirk Bairn
Try another browser
 Hotmail not working on PC - bathtub tom
Yes, worked on another browser and curiously working now on the first browser after not for a couple of days.
 Hotmail not working on PC - Falkirk Bairn
Sometimes it is simplest to try to fix it yourself by re-booting the PC, try another browser, reset the modem (not just off/on).

 Hotmail not working on PC - smokie
Sometimes a bad cookie will stop a web site working properly, and maybe they get overwritten after a period of time. However I am loath to clear down cookies as a matter of course. Cookies are, I think, specific to a browser so that's why it works under one but not another.

I have an extension called EditThisCookie in Chrome, which appears an icon to the right of the address bar. You can click on it, look at what cookies the current page has open, and delete it if you want. It sometimes fixes a problem. There's probably other products that do the same thing.
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