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 Cancelled passwords - Ambo
Someone suggested to me that passwords could be cancelled if unused for some time. Is that true?

There are a few that I have that I rarely need but would be worrying to lose like this, presumably without warning.
 Cancelled passwords - Bromptonaut
Do you mean on this site?

In that case the mods can answer.

More widely some companies close/cancel accounts that appear unused. That they do so may. or may not be clear in their terms and conditions.

My Dart Charge account was closed after being inactive for 12months due to the pandemic. They did email me though.
 Cancelled passwords - Zero
Passwords only wont be cancelled due to inactivity, but complete accounts may be, so thats your user id and password will go. There is no single answer it all varies by provider
 Cancelled passwords - Ambo
No, not this site Brompton.
 Cancelled passwords - zippy
Passwords expire all of the time.

I use a dozen or so web services at work and the passwords expire monthly and have to be reset.
 Cancelled passwords - Zero
Expired is not the same as cancelled. If your password expires, the fact you used a once valid password tiggers the ability to change it.
 Cancelled passwords - Bromptonaut
>> Passwords expire all of the time.
>> I use a dozen or so web services at work and the passwords expire monthly
>> and have to be reset.

That's a whole 'nother issue.

Ours at work used to expire at regular intervals and have to be replaced with new ones. There were rules about re-using particular letter combinations so that people could not use the same word with just an incrementing number at the end.

Now we have two factor authorisation for most functions they no longer change.
 Cancelled passwords - bathtub tom
In my last real job I had access to around forty diffent sites. They all had passwords that had to be changed at regular intervals, some at 28 days, others monthly. They also had different rules about password length and characters. So when I received a reminder about needing updating, at the earliest opportunity I'd shut up shop and spend acouple of hours doing them all, which of course I'd write down!
 Cancelled passwords - No FM2R
I don't think I have any accounts where the password is time limited. I thought that was a pointless and old fashioned habit which had thankfully died out?

edit: I just counted, I have 76 accounts which have a password, none of them expire.
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 Cancelled passwords - sooty123
I've got loads accounts on works computers that time out the passwords, normally between 6-12 months. All need very long passwords, can't use any of your last 300 passwords, needs to have god knows how many special characters etc etc. Pretty annoying tbh.
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