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 Printer Woes and Recommendations. - Fullchat
Back end of last year the Canon Pixma gave up the ghost after many years of service.
Brother seem to get the thumbs up here so I opted for a three in one job and ordered a supply of replacement compatible inks. Bearing in mind that printers were and still are in short supply.
with limited choice. Come Feb it was showing black ink problems in that it was showing lines as opposed to solid colour. This is normally happens after extended periods of printing inactivity So first thing is a nozzle clean followed by a fresh cartridge followed by a nozzle clean and so on. So when the problem is not fixed the internet reveals a kit you can buy for pushing a cleaning again through the ink pipework and printer head.
Followed by cartridge changes and nozzle cleaning which eats cartridges. One cartridge empty and the printer will not function. Its a hungry beast.
The problem spiraled downwards with other colours following suit. Hours and hours spent trying to resolve
Decision made to skip and source another Brother as I had a fair few unused cartridges. I doubt whether Brother would entertain compatible cartridges in a warranty claim.

Roll on a few months. Junior FC has given the printer some hammer due to teaching practice prep, as she did with the previous printer, and exactly the same scenario occurs. I now have a pile of empty cartridges, a very late night last night and a good few hours today.

As two printers have displayed exactly the same issues, in the same time frame, I'm convinced its the compatible inks, particularly the black.

Ive been in touch with the supplier and they have given me a set of cleaning instructions that i have already undertaken too many times and raised a case.

I know printers have been discussed before but have we any more recent experience of whats on the market. Brother will not be on my list although I did like the automatic double sided printing.

Anyway the chances are this printer will follow its predecessor.

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 Printer Woes and Recommendations. - Crankcase
Does it have to be colour? Last year I ditched inkjets as uneconomic, sprung a little more for a laser, which was under £100, and it's printed faultlessly since. It was just a tiny HP, and I plugged it directly into the PC to avoid any WiFi nonsense.

I'm still on the original toner, but replacements aren't expensive.
 Printer Woes and Recommendations. - No FM2R
I did the same, though in my case it was 59 quids worth of Samsung Laser.

Been faultless for 10 years or so.
 Printer Woes and Recommendations. - smokie
I've had an Epson XP-820 multi for a few years now (maybe 6) - not heavily used for printing but it's been pretty good, only ever using compatible cartridges.

I did reach some count on the print count which stopped it printing and told me to get it serviced but I found a small program on the net to overcome that. I will apparently reach the limit a second time, when it becomes more intrusive (I forget how) but the same site sells a "patch" to o overcome that for about a tenner - so that's what I'll do if it's otherwise OK.

But the point about whether you really need colour is a good one.
 Printer Woes and Recommendations. - Zero
I told you to buy a HP and not to use fake carts.....

( I know its no help but I am short on smugness this week)
 Printer Woes and Recommendations. - bathtub tom
I've used a Pixma for many years now. I refuse to be hijacked into paying extortionate sums for ink cartridges, so gave up colour printing (except when absolutely necessary) and bought a bottle of black ink from ebay for a few quid years ago. I find the cartridges will take a handful of fills before I have to buy another (I do have black fingers for a couple of days).
 Printer Woes and Recommendations. - Kevin
I've had a Pixma 980 for over 10yrs now using compatible cartridges and it's still working perfectly. Only had one instance where a blocked jet wouldn't clear with a cleaning cycle but removing the printhead and soaking it in warm water fixed it.
 Printer Woes and Recommendations. - sherlock47
I have a collection of old HP 990 cxi and 930 printers they can still be bought for peanuts, are bullet proof and can either be refilled or use cheap cartridges 45 /78s.

Several have been bought with full cartridges locally for less than £10! They also can print double sided.

Dried up cartridges can often be resurrected with hot water - i guess when I get back to france they may be a little more problematic after 11 months!

if i need high quality color printing eg phots i use a a local print shop.
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