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 Undersized Window - Ambo
I have a wide-angle HP 2210i VDU,which is nice, but whenever I start a Google search (and not in other circumstances) the window that appears is always partially minimized and only occupies about 80% of the screen. The problem seems to have worsened following a switch to Chrome. It did appear earlier but only very rarely. The window can be maximised but how can I get it to do so automatically please?
 Undersized Window - No FM2R
Which browser is your PC using when you search from the search bar?
 Undersized Window - Duncan

You may need administrator rights and password.
 Undersized Window - Ambo
Google is the browser.
 Undersized Window - No FM2R
>> Google is the browser.

No, Google is the search engine.

When one uses a browser to search the internet they typically retain their settings after you close them. So if you close it when it is full screen, it will open as full screen.

When one is browsing the internet then ne chooses the browser to open, which in your case may be Chrome, for example.

However, that does not mean that when you use the search bar at the bottom that Windows will open Chrome. In fact it is probably opening Edge. This is the behaviour of mine simply because I do not use the search bar so don't care.

Thus, it is not opening full screen like Chrome is, because it is not set to do so.

So my question is exactly that;

I assume that you normally use CHrome. Is that correct?
When you search with the search bar is it opening Chrome or Edge?

If that is what is happening then you have two choices;

1) Set Edge to open full screen.

essentially open Edge manually, set it to full screen as usual, and then close it again

2) Change the search bar top open Chrome.

bit irritating to do, but if that's what you wish to do I'll write out the instructions for you.
 Undersized Window - Ambo
I normally use Google Chrome, as it is called by my computer, via a desktop shortcut.

I don't use the task bar for searches. It has Edge but not Chrome or Internet Explorer although I have all three of these.

I will see if 1) works.
 Undersized Window - Ambo
It doesn't.
 Undersized Window - No FM2R
>>I don't use the task bar for searches

I think I have misunderstood something.

Could you explain this bit again please?

" whenever I start a Google search (and not in other circumstances) the window that appears is always partially minimized and only occupies about 80% of the screen."
 Undersized Window - smokie
I can see that a new window is opened if you hold shift while clicking a result in a new search but I can't see how to do this by default.

It looks to me like the new window opens in the same format (i.e. full screen or "partially minimised") and size as the search result was in.

Otherwise a clicked search result opens in a new tab or in the search tab depending on your Search settings (put into task bar and look for "Where results open" - you need to click Save if you change this). Oddly, the text accompanying this option says "Open each selected result in a new Window" but it actually opens in tabs.

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 Undersized Window - Ambo
>>Could you explain this bit again please?

I think I have confused task bar and top bar. I take task bar to refer to the one at the foot of the window with small icons. I don't use this, relying on larger icon shortcuts on desktop.

Thanks for all of the above but I will leave it for my IT man (who should be able to retire soon on my contributions).
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