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Urgent help required. I'm trying to upload a pdf doc to a bank but it won't go. My guess is it is too large. Can I just delete some pages or will it be 'locked'. This is just not my thing!
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Full of could be's

Could be too big for your mail server, it might be locked so you cant just "take out" pages, but its likely to be that your banks email systems refuse to accept attachment like this for security reasons.

You need to talk to them and ask them how to get it to them.
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I'm sure Zero is right, Martin, but if you do want to try to reduce the size just to see, there's lots of ways you can have a poke at it, and google leads to them.

Here's the first one, which offers five ways to reduce the size, but I have no direct experience of their effectiveness or ease.

Try if you want though.
How big is it? How many pages?

There's a variety of ways to reduce its file size but I'm not sure that will be the problem.

Does the bank website give you any clue as to file types it will accept? Does it give any error message when trying to upload the pdf?

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Hi Mark, only upload unsuccessful. Two other docs went ok, but they were single pages..
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Try this. I just tried one and it reduced the pdf size by about half.
Or email it to me and I'll do it for you. I don't mind, it won't take 2 minutes. Unless it's something you'd rather not share, of course.
Sorry for multiple posts.

OR, you can open it on your screen to the page you want. And then press alt / win-button / s and select the area you want and then save it [repeat for each page you need]

The resulting screen shot will be a smaller file size than the pdf file.
Just how big is it? I haven't come across this problem since I can't remember when (I use mainly gmail).

Printing to pdf might result in a smaller pdf.
Thanks to all of you. Yes oversized was the issue and I eventually got the accountant to deal with it. Cheers.
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