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 PC monitor - bathtub tom
My PC monitor failed this morning (18" LG). I found one available from Argos, an 18" HP. I can't seem to adjust the picture quality. It's almost as if I'm looking through a mist. The blacks are a dark grey. If I lean the top of the screen towards me, it makes it worse, but if I tilt the top of the screen away it improves.

Any suggestions?
 PC monitor - Zero
in what way did your monitor fail?
 PC monitor - bathtub tom
The top LH corner of the screen had a yellow tinge and the whole screen would intermittently flicker for about a week beforehand. This morning the screen would go black after about ten seconds. I could switch it off and back on again and see the screen for about another ten seconds before it would go black again. The power LED would stay alight.
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