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 Email (delivered receipts) - MD
I am getting an influx of these from mails sent last year as far back as June. This happened a few years ago and I cannot remember the cure, but it is proving to be a bit of a nuisance. My PC and I-phone are linked for mails, but these only come in on the ios items. Any thoughts please?
 Email (delivered receipts) - No FM2R
Newly read receipts referring to emails read ages ago?

Are they all coming from the same place? i.e. is someone cleaning out old unread emails?
 Email (delivered receipts) - smokie
Not an answer but SWMBO was berating me over the weekend for not requesting Delivered and Read receipts on a mail I sent cancelling a service. In my experience many companies prevent these kinds of auto response to avoid clogging up their network.
 Email (delivered receipts) - No FM2R
>> many companies prevent these kinds of auto response

So do I. If I want someone to know that I've read their email, then I'll tell them.
 Email (delivered receipts) - MD
No. All sorts of random ones primarily from 2020. They've slowed down a bit today.
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