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 Combining Files In Word 10 - Ambo
I have two address books in Word and want to combine them in one. How do I proceed please? There is a positive response to Copy but Paste is whited out.
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 Combing Files In Word 10 - No FM2R
If paste is whited out, then it probably didn't copy.

How are you copying? With the menu, ctrl-c, or right click?
 Combing Files In Word 10 - smokie
Also try copying both into a new document in case one is open Read Only.
 Combing Files In Word 10 - zippy
If the address books are just lists

On the original document CTRL A, CTRL C,

On the replacement document click in a blank area or new line, CTRL V
 Combing Files In Word 10 - smokie
I think he knows how, it's just that it isn't doing anything.

Once in a while when I've had ctrl C not doing much I've found Copy in the the right click context menu is much more reliable.
 Combing Files In Word 10 - Ambo
I can get both files into a third file. All entries in both start with an "-" and this would normally allow an A-Z- ordering, resulting in a single combined file. In this case, all that results is "castellated" grey vertical line first, followed by a jumble of text.

The castellation may be due to irregularities in one of the originals: there are places where the text is indented about one keystroke but this resists efforts to correct it.
 Combing Files In Word 10 - Ambo
Many thanks for all of this but I have fiddled with the plan so long without success that I have given it up.
 Combing Files In Word 10 - No FM2R
In the event that you fancy a further try....


Ctrl-A (select all)
Ctrl-C (Copy all) or right click select


Paste Special or Paste Options
Text only


Open one file
Go to the "Insert" tab
Find and click on "Object". Probably over to the right hand side
Click on "Text from file"
Select other file

One of those options should get you where you want to be.

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