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 Which TV streaming device? - Arctophile
I have a 9 year old Sony smart TV on which I have never really used the streaming features.

The TV has 3 x HDMI and 1 x USB ports. I use a Humax PVR to record programmes via one of the HDMI ports.

The TV is no longer very smart as, some time ago, Sony removed the ability to stream BBC iPlayer etc.

I am considering fitting a device so that I can take the great leap forward and start streaming video.

What device is recommended, a Firestick, a Roku, or something else?

I would seem that streamed video cannot be recorded from these devices, but then I suppose I wouldn't need to. Any programme that I wanted to watch again could be just streamed again.
 Which TV streaming device? - Bromptonaut
We have a Chromecast which works for us with I-player, other watch again services and Netflix.
 Which TV streaming device? - No FM2R
For a combination of initial price, simplicity and flexibility then I'd agree with Bromp.

But mine needs controlling from a phone, I don't know if they all do.
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 Which TV streaming device? - Bromptonaut
>> But mine needs controlling from a phone, I don't know if they all do.

I think they all do. It works quite well though as a lot of the time I'm searching for content on Britbox and the phone's qwerty keyboard is useful.

What we have not cracked yet (or tried to crack) is controlling it from her phone as well as mine.
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 Which TV streaming device? - sooty123
I use a now TV box for a fair bit, I player etc seem more stable than the one built into the TV.

I think they are available as a stick now rather than a box.
 Which TV streaming device? - No FM2R
>>What we have not cracked yet (or tried to crack) is controlling it from her phone as well as mine.

Ours queue.

So, for example, we might have a group of us sat there dicking around with YouTube. And as each person casts a Youtube video it queues.

I don't know how robust it is, because it doesn't arise often, but it's there to some extent.

As for controlling the device itself, then that depends on to whom you have given access within Google Home. All of ours, I think there's 4, can be controlled by any of three phones.
 Which TV streaming device? - Stuartli
Recent Amazon Firesticks have remote controls and Alexa, plus the step up to Now TV if required.
 Which TV streaming device? - smokie
I have a Roku stick, bought for a particular purpose years ago. I think it is less adapted to the UK market and I also would say the Firestick 4k is very very good.

Isn't Chromecast just showing stuff on your TV from another device? Which to me rather ties up that other device - I noticed on my Android 10 phone I could continue streaming while doing something else which wasn't streamed, but if I went out with my phone then the stream goes with me.

Or maybe I missed the point of it. (I bought one of them earlier this year too, just before the Firestick, which I believe made the Chromecast mostly redundant).

Whatever, I'd recommend the 4K Firestick

 Which TV streaming device? - No FM2R
You certainly didn't understand the Chromecast. The phone merely gives the Chromecast a web address to deal with.Once done you can leave the house with your phone if you choose, it won't impact the streaming.
 Which TV streaming device? - Netsur
We bought a Firestick a year ago and have no complaints. Easy to set up and use, with its own remote, which for certain TV models allows some control over them as well (volume and on/off).
 Which TV streaming device? - Falkirk Bairn
Firestick bought in October on recommendation from eldest son.

Works well - much better than the "smart TV" even for accessing catch up TV - Ideal to upgrade your TV function on the cheap - £30 (HD) to £50 (4K)
 Which TV streaming device? - Arctophile
Many thanks for the replies.

I don't think the Chromecast, operated through a mobile 'phone, would suit us.

The Now TV system seems to rely on a subscription. So, again, I don't think it would suit us.

It looks like the Firestick is the way to go although perhaps not the 4k version on our non 4k TV.

Should we ever buy a modern 4k TV then I would expect it to have the streaming capability built in.
 Which TV streaming device? - Bromptonaut
>> Should we ever buy a modern 4k TV then I would expect it to have
>> the streaming capability built in.

So would I but responses to my thread about a new TV (in the Non-Motoring forum) suggest they can be a bit hit/miss.
 Which TV streaming device? - sherlock47
4k Firestick every time!

Much faster and more intuitive than the Sony 'smart' interface. They are launching a new GUI shortly so wait and see if that is as good as current or if it has been developed by a 10yr old :)
 Which TV streaming device? - VxFan
>> 4k Firestick every time!

I went for the Firestick Lite as it would have been a waste of money buying anything more expensive for my 10 yr old TV in the bedroom. Paid £17.50 for it when it was on promotion just after Christmas.

Much faster than my original Firestick I bought 3 or 4 yrs ago, and has voice control. Used in conjunction with the Firestick App on my iPhone for when a QWERTY keyboard is handy for searching, making changes to Kodi, etc. Far easier than using the Amazon remote which is a PITA having to scroll through a keyboard on screen to make entries with.
 Which TV streaming device? - smokie
I also had an older Firestick and updated with the 4K and the performance is light years better.

Even though I don't have a 4K telly I assumed the 4K had more memory and a faster processor than the Lite and the cost wasn't a great deal different, and of course I'm "futureproof". At £50 it's cheaper than a month of Virgin for me...
 Which TV streaming device? - Crankcase
Yes, concur that the 4k version has noticeably better performance all round over the non 4k one. Worth it for that alone, irrespective of the output quality.
 Which TV streaming device? - sherlock47
4k - I paid £29 when on special offer - so keep your eyes open.

And it works seamlessly with the Sony remote -
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