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 Domain name value - smokie
SWMBo and I both have the domains of our It's easily memorable for us and others, it's useful as we can change out ISP and just redirect the mail, and we both just quite like having it. We don't have any websites, and we've had them for years so many many website registrations use it.

Out of the blue I've been offered $500 for SWMBOs domain name by the broker associated with the company I have them with (GoDaddy subsidiary). She won't take it. Those of you with long memories might recall this happened back in 2012, They started at $2000 but gave up when we refused $3000 - then shortly afterwards we got another approach from someone else which I killed early.

GoDaddy came back and said "No matter the offer?".

There is a wannabe Republican political activist who we think was the potential purchaser last time. It may be the same this time. The fact that the offer is in $$$ is an indicator. I can't really see it's a scam...

I wonder how high they'd go, and what SWMBOs breaking point would be. I mean, surely a new kitchen would do it :-) but I doubt they'd stretch that far. We're not really that much in need of $500.

Anyone had any such experiences??? I think I'd let mine got for a five figure sum.
 Domain name value - Zero
I sold mine - oh jeez, over 15 years ago? possibly more? so long ago I cant remember, for a largish sum. If I still had it now it would be worth lots more.

However, unless its your business, a domain name has no personal value, all one needs is an appropriate email address not tied to your network provider. And as the value of your wifes one is dropping, its clearly not an investment vehicle.
 Domain name value - sooty123
I'm not massively clued up on the whole domain/website/email address thing, however it's some mechanism you use for convenience.

What's your wife's lowest price she'll go to?
 Domain name value - smokie
She said she wouldn't let it go. As I say, we turned down $3000 in 2012.

I'd probably be pushing her to change her mind at £10k but that isn't likely.
 Domain name value - sooty123
Decision made then! :)
 Domain name value - Crankcase
Wasn't there some doodah not that long ago about Some Big Evil Company being refused a domain name they wanted, so they just took it anyway, and in court it was decided they had a better right to it, so they kept it?

Sorry for vagueness - a Google got me nowhere as I can't remember enough about it, but I did find this sage advice from a UK legal site:

"Large companies, with deep pockets, may be prepared to run up large legal bills pursuing a domain name. If faced with such an opponent, it may be in your interest to negotiate a settlement."

 Domain name value - smokie
I think there is a principle that if someone has bought a domain name in the expectation that a company may imminently want it, or have failed to renew it, then they have to give it back. In this case it is SWMBOs name so IMO she has a perfect right to it and isn't "domain sitting".

Although your last para from Google has to be true - I don't think this one would go that far though. This is an individual rather than a corporation I think.
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