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 Printer shortage? - Manatee
I had to buy a new webcam a few months ago, what would have cost me £15 pre-COVID cost me nearer £60.

A friend needs a printer and asked me what I used. I checked the price - the printer I bought in June 2019 (Brother, A3 print & scan, double sided printing) for £140 is still available - £599.99. OK, it's probably obsolete and only one vendor on Amazon but similar models are all £400+.

I wonder if that is to do with home working too?

Better look after it.
 Printer shortage? - Falkirk Bairn
Colour Injets /Scanners Supply & demand causes prices to rise & fall.

The above post is a great example.

I bought a 6ppm B&W Lexmark printer in 1998 - £499+vat
Today 40ppm Lexmark Printer £150+/- depending on minor model differences.

Obviously Laser Printers not as popular as colour Inkjets.
 Printer shortage? - sooty123
I found similar with ink cartridges, lots of places didn't have many at all. I guess it's all the home schooling going on.
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 Printer shortage? - Zero
Its the home office phenomena.
 Printer shortage? - Fullchat
I had a problem last November. The Canon Pixma finally gave up the ghost so on recommendation I went hunting for a Brother. Found one on line and purchased but it never arrived. An inquiry revealed that they had none in stock and were awaiting a limited shipment.
Went to another on line retailer. They were waiting for the same ship to arrive full of Brothers which were being spoken for.

About 3 weeks before it arrived . Brother DCP - J572DW.
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