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 Big SUR - Zero
The battery on my late 2015 Macbook Air started to fail big time, New one arrived by DHL, insides cleaned out, battery replaced.

Time for a major overhaul, so lots of disk space created by cleaning out the junk, all the old 32 bit apps deleted, and we go for the latest and greatest shiny new OS from Apple - IOS 11 Big Sur. Waited for the .1 release of course!

Took an hour, including the 12gb download, and went on a dream. No issues so far. Like the new look too.
 Big SUR - legacylad ancient laptop gave up the ghost a few years ago. Rarely used, and not really missed it and I’ve used an equally old desk top for letters etc.
When travelling and in Spain for extended periods I use an old you think it’s about time I bought a new Mac Air ? The downside is less money for Battersea Dogs Home when I croak.
 Big SUR - Zero
Without doubt the single best laptop(s) I have ever had*

My old Macbook air 11inch, now 9 years old, is doing sterling service with Mrs Z after a battery change.

My newer 13 inch air, now 5 years old, just had a new battery, O/S reload, is as responsive as ever.

They are rugged (both have had several falls from tables to floor), light, thin, sprightly, good battery life. Both get packed easily in a carry on bag for travel. Unreservedly recommend even tho I am an Apple hater.

DONT BUY A SECOND HAND ONE WITH A BUTTERFLY KEYBOARD. - this was a brief dip where they fitted a new style of keyboard - it was a disaster.

*The old IBM z series think pads came close.
 Big SUR - legacylad
And a lot cheaper than being in Spain for a few months ! And I’ve got some JLP vouchers.
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 Big SUR - zippy
This may save you a few quid.
 Big SUR - legacylad
Thanks zippy. £80 saving...cost of a return flight to Spain !
I don’t have a Costco account so will need to set one up...wonder if JLP will price match ?
 Big SUR - zippy
I have not shopped there before but am told they have a good reputation.

I don’t think you need to be a member to buy online from them.
 Big SUR - Zero
You do have to be a member to buy online, it costs 15 quid, but you cant shop in the warehouse with an online membership, there you need to be a qualifying member.
 Big SUR - T junction
I've had a few Macs refurbished direct from Apple for a small saving and indistinguishable from new, see
Stock can change often so if you see what you want you have to jump! And when models change older ones can be around and mixed with new so just be sure to check specs if you want specific features.
 Big SUR - legacylad
JLP tell me that Costco are online only so won’t price match. Shame as I assume the JLP warranty is two years rather than one.
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