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 Wireless printer sulk mode - legacylad
These days, after my old laptop gave up the ghost ( yes I should and will buy a replacement in some shape or form) I only use an old IPad Air.
Until quite recently it talked to my newish wireless Canon Pixma printer. More often than not these days, when attempting to print, it states “no airprinter found”.
If only it had eyes it would see it three feet away.
I turn the printer on and off. It’s showing the Wifi symbol ok. Turn the WiFi on and off on the IPad. Turn the router on & off.
Sometimes this works. Sometimes it doesn’t. But it always fails when I need to print something important.
Any one of you (far) more knowledgeable folks shed any light on this state of affairs? Thanks.
 Wireless printer sulk mode - Robin O'Reliant
Can't you just use a USB lead and forget the troublesome Wi Fi?
 Wireless printer sulk mode - legacylad
Good idea ! Somewhere I’ve an expensive Apple lead with lightening connector, the other end two sockets. One for power. One to connect to another device.
Last time I used it was to play films, downloaded onto my iPad, on the TV at a rental property.
 Wireless printer sulk mode - VxFan
Try deleting the App you're using and re-install it again. Or see if there is an updated or better one in the App store.
 Wireless printer sulk mode - legacylad
What App ? I really do sound like a Luddite now....Bluetooth from my old iPad straight to my canon wireless printer.
I cannot see an app logo on my iPad home screen. Me and technology aren’t the best combo, although I try !
 Wireless printer sulk mode - Falkirk Bairn

Have a look around on the Canon site.
 Wireless printer sulk mode - legacylad
Thanks F B
 Wireless printer sulk mode - VxFan
>> What App ? Bluetooth from my old iPad straight to my canon wireless printer.

Sorry, I've always used the manufacturers recommended App for printing from my iPad to printer. I thought you were doing the same.

I don't think my iPAd will Bluetooth to my Epson, but then I've never tried as it does it via wi-fi through the App.

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