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 Phone battery question - legacylad
The battery on my olde iPhone 5S hasn’t been holding charge now for several weeks. Last Saturday I put it on charge showing 1% and after 3 hours it still showed 1%. I connected it to a battery pack and whilst stopped on ‘banana break’ during a walk it went from 1% to 100% in a split second. I now need it permanently connected to mains charging or a battery pack or it instantly dies.

Will any old replacement battery do at a phone shop ( circa £20 I think) ? I’ll be buying a new phone in January so will keep it as a back up.
 Phone battery question - Duncan
Are you comfortable changing a battery on an iPhone? Too tricky for me.

Have you done all the playing around that you can with the settings? Soft reset? Hard reset? Check the settings under battery?
 Phone battery question - Manatee
Chances are it will be OK. There will be the odd dud I suppose if you are unlucky.

I had a 4S to pieces a few years ago to change the screen. To do that you have to take literally all the innards out including the battery. I'm not especially dexterous, but I took my time (and photographs of where everything was before I removed it) and it worked fine.

I got the bits from Amazon - supplied with all the tools. Lots of tips in the reviews, and lots of videos on Youtube.

My Huawei is going to need a battery soon. I suspect it might be trickier and the local mender is fairly cheap to I might leave it to him.
 Phone battery question - VxFan
>> Will any old replacement battery do at a phone shop ( circa £20 I think)

Should be fine, obviously depending what battery they fit.

Had the battery in my previous iPhone SE changed at a high street shop that sells China's finest phone cases and other phone accessories.

I could have changed it myself, as it's the same procedure as the older iPhone 4 which I changed the battery, but couldn't be bothered when it wasn't much dearer paying someone else to do it for me.

IIRC, I paid something like £25 for a "genuine iPhone" battery. I think it was something like £15 for a non genuine one. The £25 one came with a 1 yr warranty.

I however have a feeling it wasn't a genuine battery that was fitted because the battery health monitor in the settings menu now says "Service" which is an indication an aftermarket battery has been fitted.

Phone was fine afterwards though.

You'll probably find that a lot of these shops fit 2nd hand "tested" batteries from damaged iPhones.

 Phone battery question - Zero
If its just going in a "spare" phone, cheap will do. Charge it to 80%, and turn it off. Check it every three months.
 Phone battery question - legacylad
Will do.
Battery charge is currently fluctuating between 1%, where it stays for literally hours whilst on charge, then jumps to 100%. Take it off charge for a few minutes and it returns to 1%.

I’ll get round to comparing buying a phone outright or on contract within the next week. Are there such things as genuine January sales these days ?

Merry Christmas one and all
 Phone battery question - legacylad
Sods Law but the day I was making a 40 mile round trip to a phone shop to have a new battery fitted in my old 5S was the day they closed. It’s now dead as a dodo and will no longer charge.
I don’t want to attempt to change the battery myself when I can have it done for £20 by someone who won’t wreck the new SIM only contract with EE began in early December so I’ll discuss a replacement phone contract with them on a landline.
Or buy an old iPhone and transfer the SIM card so I can make calls, although I realise the stored numbers are on the old phones internal memory which are currently inaccessible.
 Phone battery question - Clk Sec
>> although I realise the stored numbers are on the old phones internal memory which are
currently inaccessible.

On an old mobile that I have I can access stored numbers, etc, while the charger is plugged in, even though the battery is as flat as a pancake.

 Phone battery question - VxFan
>> although I realise the stored numbers are on the old phones internal memory which are
>> currently inaccessible.

They should be stored on your Apple account (provided you've enabled iCloud contacts in the settings menu, then they are synchronized to iCloud)

IIRC, once you've signed in on your replacement phone, and enabled the relevant settings, they should appear on the new phone.
 Phone battery question - legacylad
Final update.
New battery arrived, an Okered @ £11.99 specifically for a 5S as recommended by a pal. He backed up all my data onto his laptop, fitted the new battery, but it remained deader than a dodo. Not even charging now.
Good news is his daughter has just taken out a contract on a new 12 Mini so he’s put all my data (apps, contacts etc) onto her old iPhone 6. Which I can buy for £40 at mates rates before she advertises it for sale. Seems a good result whilst I contemplate whether to take out a contract on a newer model.

Thanks for all advice. Appreciated as ever.
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 Phone battery question - MD
Where exactly do you enable icloud contacts please. iphone se 1
 Phone battery question - Fullchat

At the top will be your name and 'Apple ID, iCloud, Media & Purchases.

Click on that.

Scroll down and you will see iCloud. Click on that and there you are.

That is on a 6S. Cant think a SE will be any different.
 Phone battery question - Falkirk Bairn
OP has a 5S and the new one is a 6

Both were excluded from the last 2 upgrades of IOS IIRC - their processors were older /less powerful than a 5SE & 6S - the different release menus may well be different.

I had a 6S but ditched it 4 months ago because in 2021 it will be culled from the upgrades to IOS
 Phone battery question - legacylad
As good a reason as any not to keep the 6, and as I normally keep my mobile for 5/6 years I’ve taken out a contract with EE for a new model IPhone.
 Phone battery question - MD
 Phone battery question - legacylad new 24 month contract on a new Iphone 12 is £50pcm with EE. I agree it’s a lot, but I normally keep my mobile for 5/6 years, and it will be a new SIM only contract on month 25.
I decided to pay extra for unlimited data..often overseas I don’t have BB so I stream films via my phone onto a TV.
And I get my State Pension later this year so need to spend it on something.
 Phone battery question - No FM2R
50 quid a month!!!! FFS.

Ok, I get that it's an iPhone which are stupid price but even so, for that money I'd manage without.

Fwiw I have unlimited calls, SMS & data and a Huawei P20 with roaming included to most countries for £24 pcm. Who knew that Chile was so cheap compared to the UK?
 Phone battery question - smokie
I've got Vodafone, unlimited calls & SMS, 100Gb data for £8 pm (cashback deal so it'll end in 12 months but there'll be another one along by then...). No international calling though!!

They gave me unlimited data for Dec.

But with WiFi I hardly use any data. Even abroad and streaming telly and sharing connection I didn't use that much data really - 6Gb (but we had proper cable telly after week 2)
 Phone battery question - No FM2R
That's more in line with what I expected and what my sister pays.

I need unlimited data because I use a s***load. UK radio when I am in the car, streaming video/TV and casting it to TVs, or simply watching it in a car park, as a hub / hot spot for everybody including the TV when we're outside Santiago etc. etc. etc. etc. I get through a load.

It was only 10 years ago when I had about 500mb data per month and was hunting free WiFi all the time. Amazing.
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 Phone battery question - legacylad
Over 6 years, with a good SIM only deal from month 25, it equates to about £25 pcm. Less than two pints a week in my local. When it reopens.
 Phone battery question - VxFan
>> 50 quid a month!!!! FFS.

My niece pays £84 a month with EE. Mainly because she "has" to have the latest iPhone, and unlimited data because of no wi-fi at her home address.
 Phone battery question - smokie
It's when you eventually steel yourself and move to something cheaper that you look back and realise what a waste that was.

For me giving up the fags about 6 years ago was good, I frequently waste fivers and tenners on odd crap from China and elsewhere that I really don't need but remind myself that £11 doesn't even buy a days' smokes now... One day I'll wean myself off that too maybe :-)
 Phone battery question - VxFan
She's had Android phones as well. Sometimes both at the same time on separate phone contracts. One minute her iPhone was rubbish and her Samsung was the bees knees, the next she's sporting yet another brand new iPhone.

And don't get me started on the amount of screens she's broken.
 Phone battery question - hawkeye
Sky sim only (in a Samsung S9), £6/month, unlimited talk, unlimited texts and 2Gb data which rolls over for up to 3 years. The data rollover suits my Garmin satnav which mops it up pretty quickly looking for traffic data when we travel. I'm banking 1.75Gb/month at the mo in these quiet times.
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