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 Navigating off line - legacylad
I’ve an old iPhone 5S. At the moment car sharing with friends spread all over the northern Costa Blanca is out, so to find obscure parking areas to meet up for mountain walks and navigate using google maps is using all my data whilst en route.
My rental car doesn’t have sat nav.
I’ve tried to find a way of saving the route whilst on WiFi at my accommodation but failed miserably. Is it me, or the old iOS system on my phone?
Some of my journeys inland to very obscure places are 90mins, and ive no idea who’s going so cannot meet at a pre arranged spot to follow them.
Sometimes it’s tough being a Luddite
 Navigating off line - smokie
I suppose you can't get Google maps on an Apple device but that has a good "offline save" facility.

There are (maybe were) Android products designed to work offline so I'd be surprised if there isn't an equivalent. When I used to use them it was much better to get your route loaded while on WiFi rather than while on the move.

But doesn't your UK SIM work abroad? I thought most did these days. My 100Gb pm/unl mins/unl texts does, all for £8 pm. And I was using it for tethering last week, to watch TV on the Firestick.
 Navigating off line - legacylad
I’ve got google maps on my old phone iPhone 5S. I just can’t see the “offline save” facility.

And my paper maps of the area aren’t the best when travelling solo...driving with a large map spread out on my lap isn’t a good idea.
 Navigating off line - smokie
Well they did revamp Maps a bit back so in the current Android version you click your initial which is in a circle at top right of screen which gives you the long menu which includes Offline maps. I think in the previous version it was under a menu you accessed from the top left of the screen.


or even
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 Navigating off line - CGNorwich
Google maps should work perfectly well off line fine on an iphone.

On my iphone 11 you just tap on the map to reveal menu at the bottom of the screen and tap "download (at the far right - you might need to scroll across to see it "

 Navigating off line - R.P.
Overland bike travelers recommend app, it does work offline, which is why they like it. I have it on my phone, but never used it as I don't get out much into the big wide world anymore
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 Navigating off line - legacylad
Thanks for replies...maybe because I’ve an elderly 5S, or maybe because I’m thick, I don’t seem able to download offline maps once I’ve got a route from A to B on google maps or whatever.

I’ve got the app, and I use Wikiloc to record my routes, which works very well. Often when on a long fast walk With super fit people I can’t remember the exact route, especially if it’s off the beaten track, and Wikiloc helps me to repeat that walk at a later date with other friends. At a slower pace.

Tomorrow we’re bushwhacking...early start to cut back overgrown spikey scrub on obscure footpaths in the middle of nowhere, prior to a group walk in future. Keeps me out of mischief on a hot Saturday.
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