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 How real is this? - Crankcase
This is a question that's only going to be answerable by Old Computer Salts who have access to Amazon Prime, and also are willing to endure two minutes of the Worst Movie Ever Made.

If you fit that category, then:

Could you watch, on Amazon Prime, the movie Doll Squad from minute 2:40 in to 4:40 - the computer room sequence? Right near the start, obviously, ends with the opening credit sequence.

The thing is, to me the kit looks real, as if it would all go together, and amazingly, the actor (barring the script) looks as though he's pushing the right buttons on the right kit in the right sequence.

Was this a real computer room and he really did have a clue, or is it a movie conglomeration of old bits and he's just good at pressing knobs?

The film was made in 1973, and in this sequence there's a beefy screen with IBM written on it.

No reason, just interested.

PS the film is utterly dire, and I liked it almost as much as Beyond Atlantis, also on Prime and also "starring" that well known actress, Leigh Christian.
 How real is this? - VxFan
>> Could you watch, on Amazon Prime, the movie Doll Squad from minute 2:40 in to 4:40

It's available on YouTube for non Prime members
 How real is this? - Crankcase
Thanks - that makes it easier to see what I'm wittering about.
 How real is this? - Zero
Ok well, I'll do my best. Generally the setting does not look like quite like a typical data entry room, you wouldn't get the tape drives in an office environment. could be wrong tho.

It looks typical film set up from IBM publicity unit - note the blue walls.

On entry at 2:44 he is leaning over a large line printer.

at 3:13 he types on an IBM 2741 or similar data entry terminal (basically a golfball typewriter with electronics.)

At 3:21, the thing behind him with the TV screen and large IBM logo is all fake.

At 3:40 he slaps a deck of punch cards into an IBM punch card reader, could be a 2541, they do get read in.

At 4:11 he is fiddling on the side of an IBM 3420 (could be a 2420) tape drive, no idea why he is fiddling at the side of the control panel, there is nothing there. The tapes do move, so they must be channel connected to a controller.

At that point I lost the will to live.
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 How real is this? - Crankcase
Brilliant info, thanks. I loved the blue walls bit, I'd never have seen that. Also great that he fiddles with nothing!

These old films are SUCH rubbish, but at the time someone thought it was worth doing, and teams of people used their skills in so many areas to get them made and on the screen.

I hope they looked back with some fond memories of doing them.
 How real is this? - Lygonos
No overflowing ashtrays = fake.
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