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 Laptop bluetooth - Bobby
I am trying to connect my laptop to a bluetooth speaker. I have tried 3 and with each one, the sound is stuttery, "Norman Collier like".

Problem obviously lies with the laptop side of things rather than the speakers as my other devices work with the speakers.

How do I go about trying to get this fixed? Assume its maybe some sort of driver update but I think I have tried that without any success.

Any suggestions?

Laptop is a Lenovo G580 with i5 processor if that makes any difference!
 Laptop bluetooth - devonite
you could try changing the channel on your router, can eliminate some conflicts between devices using same frequency.
 Laptop bluetooth - smokie
"you could try changing the channel on your router, can eliminate some conflicts between devices using same frequency."

For WiFi, but would that work also for Bluetooth?
 Laptop bluetooth - devonite
>>For WiFi, but would that work also for Bluetooth?

Apparently so.


If your WiFi is using the 2.4 MHz band, i.e. variants 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n, it is possible that Bluetooth, which uses frequencies of about 2400 to 2484 MHz and WiFi in the 2400 - 2500 MHz region, are interfering with each other. You can check this by changing the channels your router users: consult the manual for the specific router, e.g. Netgear, XFinity etc. There is information on the web for changing the channel, e.g. How-To Geek. Since this is an easy, free, adjustment, it won't hurt to try it.
 Laptop bluetooth - Zero
The G58x (if its the one I'm thinking of) is a crappy old dog with rubbish bluetooth hardware and poor (now non existent) driver support. Is it still running windows 7 or 8?

You could try buying a USB bluetooth dongle.

 Laptop bluetooth - Bobby
Running Win 10.
 Laptop bluetooth - Zero
>> Running Win 10.

Ok thats good, driver support for this for example should be quite good.
 Laptop bluetooth - Bobby
cheers - will take a look at that!
 Laptop bluetooth - Mike H
Interesting you should mention it. I bluetooth music to my Echo from my tablet and sometimes it's stuttery, sometimes perfect. And I bluetoothed my laptop (Lenovo V510) to the Echo the other day, and that was also stuttery. I could demonstrate that it was stuttery at the same time as the tablet with the Echo, but sometimes (like now as I type) it's fine with both devices. I'm working on the theory that something is interfering with the bluetooth connection, rather than any of the devices (tablet, laptop, Echo) being faulty, but I haven't made any progress yet.

Footnote: yes, I know "to bluetooth" isn't actually a verb ;-)
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 Laptop bluetooth - Falkirk Bairn
Since installing new drivers have you re-booted the PC?

Long shot but the BIG RED Button is a powerful tool in computing.

Also delete the entry for the speaker then pair the PC & the speaker again.

Another known solver of problems.

My first IBM PC was 1984 running DOS 1 - USA machine, no £ sign - that came along with DOS 1.1
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 Laptop bluetooth - Zero
I was part of the team that unboxed and set up the first IBM PCs into the UK, in a secret unnamed IBM location in Feltham. Late 81 I think. As you say, Revision A, US keyboards, Dos 1.0 on 160kb single sided 5.25" floppy. Loved having to type in TIME and DATE every time the damn thing booted.
 Laptop bluetooth - Falkirk Bairn
Hi Bobby

Is it FIXED?
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