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 SD card types - Rudedog
With my new car I can store all of my music on either an SD card or USB stick.

Currently I've set it up on a 32gb USB stick but as the car only has one USB port I think I'd rather use the one of the two available SD slots.

Question is when I've looked on Ebay they now all seem to be of the micro type fitted inside an adaptor rather than a one piece card, will I notice any differences if I buy the adaptor type and leave it long-term in the car slot?

 SD card types - Zero
You can still get full size sd cards on Amazon. The micro ones with an adaptor work just like full size ones, but I prefer not to use them where I can, - why add another set of contacts to cause issues, and eventually they do.
 SD card types - tyrednemotional
It shouldn't make any difference.

I have two situations where I have long-term use of a micro-sd in a full-size adapter.

My walking gps, for instance, has mapping supplied in such a manner by the maker, as they have models that use both formats, and it saves them effort/stocking issues.

I'm always a bit wary of buying such off eBay, though - there have been regular reports of counterfeiting.

You can still get full-size cards, though. Try my

(And do check the card slots support music playback. ;-) )
 SD card types - No FM2R
>>there have been regular reports of counterfeiting.

I have no idea whether or not it is common in the UK, but out here cheap SD cards often turn out to be dodgy.

The packaging may say 64GB, for example, the SD card may even tell you that it is 64GB when you put it in a machine, but when you try to sore data on it then it gets full at 2GB.

How it is done or how it is worth it I couldn't say, but always worthwhile going to a reputable seller for SD cards I think.
 SD card types - tyrednemotional

...the cheapest should be fine for your purposes.

(Patently, other sources exist).
 SD card types - Rudedog
Thanks, I have two slots, one holds the nav-maps, other slot is ok for music as long as you follow the recommended file formats and make card exFAT.

I've never had an issue with Ebay cards (I go for Sandisk or Kingston), for such a small item there's no way I'm paying for postage on a £7'ish item.

Not sure if there is a better search word... as just 'SD card' brings back thousands of micro/adapter types.

I'll keep looking.

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 SD card types - Zero
>> I'll keep looking.

My first hit on Amazon

Stick with 32gb cards, some systems have issues with 64gb and above
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 SD card types - Rudedog
Thanks, I'd already ordered a 32gb Kingston card for £5.91 delivered before I saw this.

What I did wonder were the sellers offering 'refurbished' or 'used' cards... what's that about?

How can you refurbish a 'thing' that has no real parts or would you trust a card already used?

 SD card types - smokie
A bit of a scrub of the contacts with emery cloth maybe? :-)
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