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 VPN query - John Boy
I'm still struggling to get Power of Attorney (see topic in Non-motoring forum), but whether I achieve that or have to go for Deputyship, I'm responsible for quite a lot of money online, mine and my partner's, and that's beginning to bother me. I'm now wondering if I should using a VPN to keep safe? From what I've read, I seem to need one for multiple devices. I'd welcome any advice about this, although I don't want to be alarmed and stressed out any more than I am already. A question that springs to mind is Are there any disadvantages of having a VPN?
 VPN query - Zero
A VPN is the last and least important of the security measures you need to take.

being very sensible and aware on line, with good strong passwords not shared between services, a good anti virus is enough. A VPN will provide very little extra.
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 VPN query - No FM2R
I entirely agree with Zero.

All the security you need comes from modifying your own behaviour.

Most breaches are from;

Passwords; written down, too simple, duplicated, shared.

You should use passwords on more than one account since if you do then if one is breached they all are. And often some low level thing is breached, like a newsletter or something, and then the email/password combination is tried in other places.

Phishing; information voluntarily given or access granted because you've been conned by an email or phone call.

Malware; typically from clicking an link in an email or running a program from a website.

As for anti-malware I run the standard Windows Defender and MalwareBytes (which I pay for).
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