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 Windows ten wallpaper - bathtub tom
I'm getting an image up each day I wake up my PC. It's an aerial shot of a small town (village) at twilight. It shows white hills with houses built into the sides and what looks like abandoned ones above. There's a green minaret centre right (so I'd guess Muslim) and what looks like a public swimming pool lower down. A couple of cars are parked on the LH side of the road(?). In the distance is another hilltop community.

I've scoured but can't find it.

I'd love to know where it is.
 Windows ten wallpaper - sooty123
Can you take a screen shot of the picture (or link to it) and see if anyone can work it out?
 Windows ten wallpaper - No FM2R
I don't think you can screen shot when it is not logged in.

However, the pictures are stored in


(Change each asterisk to a backslash. This software won't display them for some reason.)

Copy that, make sure you;ve included the backslashes and removed the asterisks, paste it in to the window at the top of Windows Explorer or into the search button in the bottom left.

That will take you to a directory with a whole bunch of meaningless file names.

Copy them all to another directory. *COPY*, not move.

It will give you a warning. something about opening these files might be damaging to your computer. Just click ok or yes, or whatever it is.

Having got them into a separate directory you then need to rename them all to *.jpg. A tedious job if there's lots of them so if you're familiar with the command window, start one up, navigate to the directory you created with the copies and type in "ren *.* *.jpg"

You will then have in amongst a bunch of crap, the picture you're talking about. You can then search for it or put it somewhere where we can look for it and I expect someone will find it.

If that wasn't clear, tell me and I'll try to improve.
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 Windows ten wallpaper - R.P.
I don't think you can screen shot when it is not logged in.

But I assume you can photograph it with a phone maybe
 Windows ten wallpaper - bathtub tom
I'm back from a couple of days of Covid testing, blood test (3 attempts and they now tell us they didn't get enough, so they're going to dig around for some more on Friday!) and other stuff.

>>However, the pictures are stored in
>> %localappdata%*Packages*Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1

I did all that and all I got was fifty-odd cartoon characters, plus the new, current background with today's date.
I took a photo and when I sort out a photo sharing site I'll post it.
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 Windows ten wallpaper - No FM2R
Hover your mouse in the top right corner of the picture and see if it gives you some options/description.

 Windows ten wallpaper - R.P.
I'm sure I have had the same screen on my work Laptop - I checked it now and it's a photo of the Grand Canyon !
 Windows ten wallpaper - R.P.
It's a place called Ronda in Spain (it seems)
 Windows ten wallpaper - legacylad
You a Beach Boys fan then ?
 Windows ten wallpaper - Robin O'Reliant
He gets around.
 Windows ten wallpaper - Zero
>> He gets around.

On the Sloop John B?
 Windows ten wallpaper - Robin O'Reliant
His little deuce coupe, I'd reckon.
 Windows ten wallpaper - legacylad
God only knows
 Windows ten wallpaper - tyrednemotional
...but, back to the pictures.....

...I wish they all could be California........
 Windows ten wallpaper - devonite
if you put your 'puter to sleep and reawaken it the picture usually loads, if you hover your mouse over the centre of it a descriptive caption will usually pop up!
 Windows ten wallpaper - bathtub tom
It used to do that, but stopped a while ago.
 Windows ten wallpaper - tyrednemotional
It's top right (over "like what you see?") on my lock-screen photos, but I agree, it doesn't appear on every occasion, and on at least one of my machines, it doesn't appear at all (though the photo does).
 Windows ten wallpaper - bathtub tom
Woke up my PC this morning and there's a new background with "like what you see" in the top RH corner that leads you to a description of the location - damnit!
The background's been updated twice since I tried to find the location of the picture that started this thread, so I guess now I'll never know.
 Windows ten wallpaper - Bromptonaut
>> The background's been updated twice since I tried to find the location of the picture
>> that started this thread, so I guess now I'll never know.

There seems to be a mix of locations. A lot of them recur over time but interspersed with new ones.

When I woke my PC this morning it was showing cave houses in weathered rock towers, the tag says they're in Turkey.

I'm sure I've also seen the one referenced in your OP and I think that was Turkey too but given its Moorish heritage Ronda, as suggested above, could be right.
 Windows ten wallpaper - VxFan
Presumably you've done a Google image search for Windows 10 Wallpaper location to see if it's got a mention?
 Windows ten wallpaper - commerdriver
Do most people on here still use Windows wallpapers?
Since the early days of laptops in the 90s in my case, I have always swapped it for a family photograph, since we never had a desk of our own for long to keep photographs etc on.
Even now that I have retired my desktop is a picture of my wife and grandsons on a train journey.
Personal preferences, I guess
 Windows ten wallpaper - sooty123
I just leave it whatever the default picture is, same with my phones etc.
 Windows ten wallpaper - smokie
 Windows ten wallpaper - tyrednemotional
I suspect the OP is referencing the Windows Lockscreen picture (the one that appears before you login and then disappears. That's the one that allows you to click the prompt in the top RH corner for more info.

Those that appear for me seem to be reasonably oriented towards my own interests (an awful lot of mountainous country).

Wallpaper is rather different (mine is a changing selection of my own favourite photographs - an awful lot of mountainous country ;-)).

 Windows ten wallpaper - bathtub tom
>>Presumably you've done a Google image search for Windows 10 Wallpaper location to see if >>it's got a mention?

No. I couldn't find a way to copy the image and it's long gone now.
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 Windows ten wallpaper - Crankcase
If you're really keen...

Shows all (?) the photos used for the Windows lockscreen. Click any one and it tells you where it was taken.

There's over 500 pages of the things though. Who knows, maybe the one you want is on the first few pages somewhere.

I inadvertently looked at the site without using my ad blocking stuff and it was horrid, so perhaps get your ad blocker in place first.
 Windows ten wallpaper - Bromptonaut
Is this the one mentioned in the OP:

Used Crankcase's link and went by my hunch of Turkey as a search subject.
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 Windows ten wallpaper - bathtub tom
Close, but no coconut. However that link led me to:
The twilight time at Göreme, Cappadocia, Turkey

Nothing like RP's Ronda. Do you think he's lived so long in Wales he's 'going native' and dreams of Rhondda?
 Windows ten wallpaper - Zero
>> If you're really keen...

Blimey had to get to screen 11 before it was somewhere I had visited!
 Windows ten wallpaper - VxFan
>> No. I couldn't find a way to copy the image and it's long gone now.

I'm not referring to Google's reverse image search. Just type in Windows 10 Wallpaper location and see what Google has to offer you. Long shot, but someone else might have saved it, uploaded it to a website, etc.
 Windows ten wallpaper - bathtub tom
See Wed 8 Jul 20 16:57 above.
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