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 Outlook mail - bathtub tom
For the last couple of days I get the message "This message can't be sent right now. Please try again later." whenever I attempt to send an email.
I can usually send it eventually.
Does anyone know the cause, or is it my crappy 2meg broadband?
 Outlook mail - No FM2R
I've had that and never got to the bottom of it though at the time I did live in an occasionally s***ty broadband area.

On occasion I would then try and log into Outlook's web interface and that seemed to make no difference.

I realise I am not being much help; suffice to say it didn't delay them long enough for me to worry (a few hours) and it mostly went away and, try as I might, I couldn't find a logical reason.

 Outlook mail - smokie
Yep, frequently (once a month maybe) seem to get send errors here with Virgin Media - it looks like I might have the password wrong as the prompt keeps coming up, but it isn't wrong. It must just be some transient problem at their end as eventually everything goes.

I doubt it's your connection, more likely to be a problem their end I think. Are you using Outlook, or what?
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 Outlook mail - No FM2R
>>Are you using Outlook, or what?

You'd think that's the sort of information that he'd have put in the title.

Oh, wait.............
 Outlook mail - smokie
LOL missed that...
 Outlook mail - VxFan
I know someone else that did that recently.
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