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 Disappearing pics - Ambo
I use a Nikon camera and download ("import") pics to My Pictures, when they appeared in a folder called "Nikon transfer". Thence, I could distribute them among various other folders on the same page.

Following the installation of Windows 10 I import them and the window for that indicates that they will go to C:Usersmy namePictures. Opening that gives My Pictures as before - but no new picss anywhere. Where could they have gone? (They are still on the camera.)

 Disappearing pics - No FM2R
Go to File explorer
Look for a folder called "Pictures"
Click on it and see if you find your pictures that way.

Go to File Explorer
Search the entire C: drive for the filename of one of the pictures.

Go to File Explorer
Search the entire C: drive for *.jpg (or whatever file extension your pictures use)
See what locations and files it presents to you
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 Disappearing pics - smokie
1a) If method 1 does find your pictures, right click on the word Pictures in the left pane then click Properties. Look for the field Location which will tell you where they are.
 Disappearing pics - Ambo
File Explorer only shows a few old miscellaneous pics. C drive, opened direct, does not show any relevant entry.

If I enter a photo number, omitting the JPG extension, I find I can drag and drop the pic elsewhere but only one at a time: I can't "Select All" and get the same "dropability".
 Disappearing pics - smokie
I think I'd try copying them again as it could have failed for some reason.
 Disappearing pics - No FM2R
Just for the avoidance of doubt, when I wrote "Search" I didn't mean 'look for', I meant use the Windows Explorer 'Search' function.
 Disappearing pics - Ambo
I have tried several times.
 Disappearing pics - tyrednemotional
..much will depend on which program you are using to import the pictures. There are defaults, but sometimes these get changed.

Just as a guess, have a look in "My Pictures" for the "Camera Roll" Folder (if it exists), and see if there is a dated folder (the date of import) inside there that contains them.
 Disappearing pics - Ambo
Camera Roll is present in Pictuures as are Nikon Transfer, Saved Pictures and Misc. 2020. All four are empty.
 Disappearing pics - Arctophile
If you are using Nikon Transfer 2 then:-

1 Open Nikon Transfer 2
2 Click on 'Window'
3 Make sure 'Options' is ticked
4 Click on the 'Primary Destination' tab

This should tell you where the application is storing the photos.

Note that there is also a button in this tab that determines if your photos are stored
in a sub folder of the Primary Destination.
 Disappearing pics - Ambo
Thanks but there seems no way to open Nikon Transfer (and there is no "2" in sight). So much has gone wrong with my computer since Widows 10 was installed a few weeks ago.
 Disappearing pics - Lemma
I have a Mac, having had a Basil Fawlty moment with my last windows machine, but none the less avoid the equivalent Apple programme - Photos. I now import into files and then use Adobe Bridge to view, label and sort my images. Not is it just a great programme but also free.
 Disappearing pics - Ambo
Thanks for tips but I finally found my new pics at the top of the My Pictures display with the date of loading them to computer, something I never expected. I can now modify them as needed and distribute them to established folders.

Has anyone else suffered the complications (in addition to this) I have had on switching to Windows 10?
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