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 We had a "family gathering" yesterday - Falkirk Bairn
All quite safe.

We have used Skype & Facetime for point to point chats for ages.

Yesterday the eldest son got us all to install ZOOM.

Magic, all 4 homes & 16 people could see everyone else.

It's free but you are limited to 40 minutes.

You have to pay to have unlimited.

I am sure there are other products out there but I can recommend Zoom.

Zoom, easy to set up - phone, tablet, laptop, imac ................ it works & Free to use!
 We had a "family gathering" yesterday - VxFan
>> I am sure there are other products out there but I can recommend Zoom.

I'm having to have a lot of video conference meetings at the moment. Our weapon of choice is Bluejeans. Up to 25 people can use it for free (more if you pay for the Bluejeans Business App), and AFAIAA there is no time restriction imposed.

And if you've no webcam, then you can still call in from a landline and enter the meeting code number.
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 We had a "family gathering" yesterday - No FM2R
Quite interested in that, but couldn't find the free option (other than a 7 day trial).

Am I looking in the wrong place?
 We had a "family gathering" yesterday - VxFan
No idea. No mention of my copy being on a 7 day free trial on my iPad. Unless it's because my employer has paid for a licence and any invites (via the access number given) are free to other devices. I'll find out after Tuesday as to whether it continues to work or not.
 We had a "family gathering" yesterday - Falkirk Bairn
I went into Apple apps,searched ZOOM - downloaded, installed and used it on Sunday afternoon FOC. Only limit was 40 mins!
 We had a "family gathering" yesterday - R.P.
We're using (or going to be using) Zoom for our charity activities - what FB says 40 minute limit (which suits me) on my download.

Face Time's latest incarnation also allows multiple participants but of course each user has to have an Apple product.
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 We had a "family gathering" yesterday - Duncan
We have a birthday in the family this week. Everyone is signing up to Zoom.

I want to be the first to say:......

 We had a "family gathering" yesterday - VxFan
>> ZOOM - Only limit was 40 mins!

Presumably nothing stopping you from logging in again and carrying on for up to another 40 mins?
 We had a "family gathering" yesterday - Bromptonaut
We're having a virtual birthday tea with kids and their partners for Mrs B's birthday today. Quite a few friends apparently doing same to join in those more distant or unable to mix due social distancing.
 We had a "family gathering" yesterday - smokie
Not used Zoom myself but my buddy reported it seemed a bit laggy and busy last week - anyone noticed that?

Also why not WhatsApp? (I am not v familiar with that either).

I used another one last night with some motor racing buddies across the UK and Canada but I deleted the invite and can't remember the name. Seemed OK to me. Small pics of each of us along the bottom of the screen and then the person talking went full screen which was how I remembered professional stuff working years ago when I worked.
 We had a "family gathering" yesterday - Zero
Never heard of Zoom till last week, then wifey went all bleaty on me about her Yoga and Pilates groups.

Installed Zoom on her macbook and its now Zoom this, Zoom that We have Zoom Pilates and Yoga, Zoom coffee mornings, Zoom family gatherings,

The best thing about it is that it is limited to 40 minutes.

And no, its been fine, no lag, no problem issuing meeting room notices.
 We had a "family gathering" yesterday - Falkirk Bairn
Our Zoom gathering on Sunday.

We kept our distances - 2 miles, 130 miles & 6,000 miles
 We had a "family gathering" yesterday - MD
I had to explain to Richard Head in Lidl yesterday that it should be two metres and not two inches.

Mind you he was dressed in that lovely grey attire the plebs seem so keen on, complete with hood. No muscle, no chest, a few tatts and that distant look of substance abuse. Other than that he seemed fine.
 We had a "family gathering" yesterday - smokie
You get a better class of oik in Waitrose...
 We had a "family gathering" yesterday - Zero
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 We had a "family gathering" yesterday - smokie
Look, there's one just came in!!

 We had a "family gathering" yesterday - Clk Sec
Talking of Waitrose; I've actually managed to book a delivery for next Tuesday.
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