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 Sites Won't "Remember Me" - Ambo
I am using Outlook 2016. Previously I could tick the "Remember Me" box when logging in to a site such as this one and have my username come up automatically as from the following connection to the site.

Following updating Windows 10 and the installation of Edge, this no longer works. Can anyone suggest how to restore the facility please?
 Sites Won't "Remember Me" - No FM2R
I don't really see the relevance of Outlook.

Assuming that you are using Edge as your browser, then isn't it just a matter of ticking "Remember me on this computer" the first time you use the Car4Play login page?

Also if you go to Edge / three dots / settings /passwords & autofill

You'll see a switch for save passwords which needs to be on.
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 Sites Won't "Remember Me" - devonite
Also, if you use a Cookie cleaner app (like ccleaner for eg) try white- listing outlook.
 Sites Won't "Remember Me" - No FM2R
Also, under settings / Privacy & Security check you have no cookie restrictions.

Finally, under Settings / Privacy & Security / Clear Browsing Data / Choose what to clear

There is an option called something like "Always clear all cookies when closing browser" Make sure that is not checked.
 Sites Won't "Remember Me" - Ambo
Noted with thanks. I should have written Internet Explorer, not Outlook. Swapping to Edge and “…” etc. gives the desired result, holding usernames where there is a “Remember me” box..

Other sites such as banks have instead a strap along the bottom of the screen asking “Let Microsoft Edge save and fill your password for this site next time?” with the alternatives Save or Never.

In this situation, how can I save the username but, to preserve security, not the password?

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