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 Car4play Website - maltrap
When i log on to this site my computer used to indicate NEW posts.
It doesn't do it anymore.
Have i done something to cause this ?
 Car4play Website - smokie
It's to do with cookies. The cookie remembers where you were and flags new posts. If it isn't there then it can't. Are you using a cookie cleaner?

You can try Marking all as Read in each forum that ought to reset the cookies, but if it persists after that then somehow your cookies are being ignored/deleted.

(As it happens, mine isn't working right on my PC on Chrome, and hasn't been for months. I'm losing cookies every time I open the browser, yet it isn't configured to do so. All other combinations of hardware and browser are OK)
 Car4play Website - Mike H
Same using Chrome on my phone. Started perhaps a couple of months ago. I haven't changed any settings, or done anything else abnormal.
 Car4play Website - Bromptonaut
Does it mark new posts during an ongoing session? In other words if you'd been logged in since 06:00 today does this post have a 'new' flag?

I too have had an issue with Chrome on this PC. Didn't affect this site but did others even where remember me and keep logged in were ticked. The trigger was if my PC were re-started. Every time I went onto PPRUNE after a switch off or restart I had to log in. Every time I went to Citizens Advice public site it treated me like a newbie and asked if I was in England, Wales or Scotland - advice will differ in some areas. I could re-set my 'free' articles on Telegraph and other sites by doing a re-start.

Throughout this my laptop, also running Chrome, behave normally.

As suddenly as it started it stopped again. I'm sure it was something to do with Cookies but even comparing settings side by side with desktop and laptop I couldn't find what was different.
 Car4play Website - smokie
That's similar to my experience at the moment Bromps. Except it's been happening for months. I really should just change browser I reckon.
 Car4play Website - maltrap
Good NEWS (pardon the pun) it has reappeared. No idea why.
 Car4play Website - Mike H
Strangely, ditto here!
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