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 Flipping Broadband - zippy
What are the odds....

Open Reach Man was fiddling in the box down the road and now I have no FTTC broadband.

This has happened before at my old address. BT man was fiddling in the road right outside my house and my ISND line went down. He totally denied it of course.

Next day a new guy turns up and says previous bloke cut a wire!

This afternoon I was right in the middle of some web based exams for work and the web based software doesn't allow saving until the end of a stage and doesn't allow a change of IP addresses so whilst I am using my 90gb allowance to surf on my mobile I have lost my exams and will need to re-do them tomorrow - not happy.

The thing is the overall service is dreadful. The promised 40mbs rarely gets above 25 and often is as low as 2.

Why can't these things be more reliable? Decent fiber optics to the house now, not in 20 years!
 Flipping Broadband - Dulwich Estate II
"Decent fiber optics to the house now, not in 20 years!"

That reminds me - back in 1976 when working on a road improvement site (A3) we got to know a BT chap (I suppose GPO in those days) and he was supervising the installation of a fancy new thing in the under pavement ducts - fibre optics he said - it's the future.
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