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 Slow Laptop - Robbie34
I have a Lenovo laptop that has always been slow so I have just replaced the hard drive with a solid state drive. Unfortunately, it still takes ages to boot up.

The laptop runs Windows 10; 6GB ram; i3 processor and new 500gb Samsung ssd 860 EVO. I have done a clean install of Windows.

Any ideas about how to speed things up?
 Slow Laptop - smokie
That's not a bad spec really. It ought not take ages, with new build etc etc.

Which bit of the boot is slow? Reaching the first BIOS screen, reaching the Windows login or after you've logged in?

Did it take as long when the build was fresh, i.e. before you loaded any apps? Does a Safe Boot take ages?

Does it perform OK once it's up and running?

Did replacing the hard drive with SSD make any discernible difference?

You haven't got something plugged into the USB when booting have you?

If you have done a clean install it could be worth checking whether there are any Windows 10 drivers for your specific machine on the Lenovo site. if you've not already Windows will use generic drivers which are not always the best (though in my case they seem as good as anything).

You could try using the performance monitor to see what's busy,. Sometimes it will show you which process is e.g. using 100% CPU - but you obviously can't see that during boot.

We could also get onto looking at the system logs but check the above first.
 Slow Laptop - Robbie34
The Lenovo logo comes on as soon as it is switched on, then the little whirl shows for a fraction and the screen goes blank. About three minutes later the Windows welcome screen appears. It is slightly quicker with the Lenovo logo. No apps have been loaded except Thunderbird and Chrome. But it took ages to boot up before I installed these.
 Slow Laptop - smokie
If I'm understanding that correctly that is probably when it's trying to attach a non-existent device or carry out something in your BIOS setup which is wrongly configured. So it tries, waits, times out, tries again, waits times out - probably for 3 or 5 times.

Of course I could be completely wrong, but that may also be consistent with an SSD not making much difference.

In your BIOS there is usually a button to reset to defaults. May be worth trying. Also look through the other settings and see if there is anything odd - though that's usually easier for someone with quite a bit of experience.

Also a longshot - it isn't prompting you for date and time each time you boot is it?

Also have you tried the Lenovo forums?
 Slow Laptop - Zero
There is probably a BIOS update available, an option I would always look for when adding hardware it didn't leave the factory with.
 Slow Laptop - Robbie34
Thanks for your comments.
I shall go on the Lenovo site and see if there are any suggestions.
 Slow Laptop - Robbie34
I went on the Lenovo web site and my laptop was scanned with no problems being found and all drivers were up to date. It takes exactly one minute and thirty seconds to boot up to Windows. The SSD has not improved matters.
 Slow Laptop - No FM2R
Have you got any USB devices plugged in?
 Slow Laptop - No FM2R
The faster disk helps you when you get to the operating system part of starting up. Since it has made no difference and it's a clean install then logic says the delay is before the operating system startup.

I'd have said the same as Zero about a BIOS upgrade, since that is not the case then it's obviously going to be more elusive.

You say it has always been slow. 90 seconds is not particularly slow for a non-SSD machine. Not particularly fast either, mind.

Is it looking for a device which is not present or not functioning correctly? Usually USB.

Is it struggling with it's RAM. What happens to the boot time if you take 2GB out? (taking a different part of the memory out each time)

etc. etc.

Though at 90 seconds I might think it was too much like hardwork to find the problem.
 Slow Laptop - Bromptonaut
Could it be the BIOS boot priority?

In other words is it trying to boot from somewhere else like USB or CD before the SSD?
 Slow Laptop - Robbie34
No USB s connected. Just the bare bones of the laptop.

My desktop came with a SSD and that is lightning fast with lots of programs and peripherals connected.

How do I check the BIOS boot priority?
 Slow Laptop - Bromptonaut
>> How do I check the BIOS boot priority?

In BIOS settings, usually accessed by holding down a key during start up. Exact technique varies by make/model. Lenovo website should have some instructions.
 Slow Laptop - tyrednemotional
First port of call for me would be to check the Windows event list. (Though this will only give clues about happenings when Windows has got control)

It can show a frightening number of ignorable messages, but it is well worth checking out for events during the boot duration).

It's a log viewable via the event viewer. Hit the start button and type "event viewer" and select it. It takes some time to populate, and you probably need to review entries under "critical" or "error" for clues.
 Slow Laptop - Falkirk Bairn
I updated the Windows 10 a few weeks ago.

Outcome was it took ages HOWEVER the result is a much swifter 3 year old HP Laptop.
As well as updating the software it seems to have cleared out a lot of redundant links etc
I ran AVG & CCleaner after the upgrade and lots of files were deleted.

On my old laptop I doubled the memory as well as updating the OS (Windows 8)
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