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 ebuyer website - VxFan
Anyone use it, or have an account with them?

I used to get regular emails for deal of the day, and any other promotions (i.e. newsletters).

All of a sudden they stopped, so queried it with them. Got the usual response to check my spam settings and spam box, which are all fine.

Changed my email address registered with them in case it didn't like the domain name I use. Still nothing.

They're refusing to admit anything is wrong with their system and notifications and appear to be blaming the end user, i.e. me.

Does anyone else subscribe to their newsletters, etc?
 ebuyer website - Robin O'Reliant
I have bought some stuff from ebuyer over the years (The last was a Ricoh laser printer for £30)) and I still get regular emails from them, perhaps three or four a week.
 ebuyer website - VxFan
Thanks Robin,

Seems the problem is with my ebuyer account then. I've tried 3 separate email addresses with them now, but still receive no emails, other than replies to the enote I've raised with them.
 ebuyer website - No FM2R
I presume that it's not as simple as needing to change your email preferences under the "Account" section?

The only other thing that I can think of is that your email provider has decided that they're spam before it even reaches you. Probably not if it is one of the major ones, but one of the minor ones may have done.
 ebuyer website - VxFan
I've unsubscribed from everything and resubscribed again.

So far, I've used a Hotmail and Yahoo email address after correspondence ceased on my regular email account, which previously had been receiving emails from them for over 2 years. I've even gone into the Hotmail settings and added the address to the safe senders list, or whatever it's called.
 ebuyer website - No FM2R
Don't forget that changes take 72 hours to have an effect on ebuyer.
 ebuyer website - VxFan
Yep, fully aware of that.

First noticed I stopped getting emails approx. 3 months ago.

I raised an enote in April about it. They changed my preferences at their end, but still nothing. Changed my email address twice since then, each time unsubscribing and resubscribing again. Last change of email address was mid May.
 ebuyer website - No FM2R
Start a new account with a fake name and a different email address and see what happens?
 ebuyer website - nice but dim
Dave, I had to check but I get one daily and almost certainly delete it everytime - only read the headline items.

This is going to a regular gmail account.
 ebuyer website - VxFan
This is weird. I've just gone back onto ebuyer without signing in to my account and entered an email address that I've previously used to get the daily deals newsletter. 2 minutes later I get one in my inbox.

Thanks nice but dim, btw.

Something was either previously amiss with my email address that I registered with UK2, or ebuyer's website.
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 ebuyer website - VxFan
>> Something was either previously amiss with my email address that I registered with UK2, or ebuyer's website.

Well after one email, it stopped again.

Then a couple of days later I got another response to the enote that I previously raised with them, basically admitting having a problem with their notification system and it should now be resolved.

It's now hit and miss. Mainly miss. Still no daily deal notifications, but reminders there are products in my saved basket.
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