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 Importing contacts/calendar. - Bobby
I have all my contacts and calendar on my work exchange email. These are synched to my iPhone.

I also have a Virginmedia and gmail email address which are used for email only. I would like to export the contacts, and calendar if possible, to one of the above email accounts.

Anyone got any experience of using Virginmedia with 500+ contacts and is it straightforward to import them in?

Or would gmail be better?
 Importing contacts/calendar. - Zero
Your question is a little unclear, where do your read the VM and GM mail and what email client do you use, and on what physical kit.

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 Importing contacts/calendar. - nice but dim
Export the work contacts from MS Outlook on the PC to CSV file

Import the CSV into Gmail

 Importing contacts/calendar. - Bobby
Sorry, yeah, but unclear!

I primarily use my iphone7 where I get all my emails through from the above accounts. The exchange account also provides the calendar and contacts for the phone through me picking that option in the account settings.

I have been informed I am being made redundant so will therefore be losing the exchange account.

I gave a gmail address that I never use, was set up in my android days.
My main personal account is my blueyonder (virgin) account. 99% of the time I just use this through my iPhone. I used to with a previous laptop have it set up there in outlook but now I just use the phone, occasionally using the webmail on my laptop for setting up new folders etc.

It’s setbip in such a way that if I delete email from phone, it deletes from the webmail and vice versa. Can’t remember if that’s imap or suchlike?

And have just noticed that on my phone as the settings are currently set up, it isn’t giving me options for importing contacts or calendar through blueyonder.

Hope that explains more!
 Importing contacts/calendar. - smokie
Not to me, but as someone said above, export to a csv file before you are laid off (- sorry to hear about that btw!). You can faff around with that forever afterwards, it's a pretty common format.

This sets out the steps for grabbing the contacts (for Motorola but universal AFAIK)

I think if I were in the same boat I'd go with importing to GMail in the first place, and try to live without Virgin mail. It's all about cutting the ties... As Zero says you can probably do some good tricks with whatever clients you decide to use, especially Android (combined inboxes are good).

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