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 Word Processing Software? - Duncan
I recently reset my PC. I have now lost my 2007 Microsoft Office.

What should I do? Buy MS Office? Download one of the free Office look a like programs?

Or what?
 Word Processing Software? - tyrednemotional
If you can't get it (and the product licence) back, then Libre Office is an excellent free alternative, and relatively intuitive for MS Office users. The current version is also likely to be more functional than Office 2007.

If you're looking to maintain MS look-alikey, then there are a small number of defaults to change. AFAIR, the main one is the default document save format (open document format is the default, but there is either a global override setting, or one for each "office" component that will cement in MS formats.)

MS Office documents are read natively (but if you edit and save, then they will go to ODF by default unless overridden - which can also be achieved for individual documents as a parameter on the "save as" option.
 Word Processing Software? - Duncan
Thank you tyredn.

I was ok with the first para, but someone started putting the last two paras into Sanskrit.

Any chance you could do it in non tech savvy English? Pretty please?
 Word Processing Software? - smokie
Haha but if you really didn't understand what was said above then this product will easily satisfy your needs, which would seem to be pretty limited.

He is simply discussing that you can by default create documents in standard Office format rather than in the default Open format, if that's what you need.

I'd also recommend that product, especially if your usage is light. It is easy to transition to it if you are used to Office, and it is genuinely and forever free.

It won't give you a mail client though (like Outlook) but there are plenty of those to choose from.
 Word Processing Software? - tyrednemotional
Microsoft products save their files in proprietary formats (e.g. Word will save as .doc or .docx in later versions)

Libre Office will open these quite happily, but saves its files in a different format and filetype (not .doc(x) for the Word equivalent).

It is quite easy to change this behaviour within Libre Office settings, so it will save in MS Office formats and file types, but it isn't the default.

It is generally better to change the default setting to output MS formats, especially if you exchange files with other MS Office users.

A one-off edit for the settings is sufficient and easy, but from recollection, you may need to do it for each of the components (word processing, spreadsheet, etc.)

Without adjusting the defaults, there is a workaround on saving each document, simply choose save as, rather than save, and it will give you an option of file format to save as (e.g. Word 2007)

 Word Processing Software? - Zero

>> Any chance you could do it in non tech savvy English? Pretty please?

If using Libre Office, to save files you

1/ Click "save as"
2/ Chose Microsoft Word from options box that pops up
3/ Ignore warning box that pops up


 Word Processing Software? - No FM2R
I too would recommend Libre Office.

It's shortcoming, or irritation, comes if you are sharing a document with someone electronically where you are both editing it in turns and they are using MS Office. It is a close emulation of MS Office, but there are enough conversion irritations to be annoying.

For your own use it is just fine.

How did you lose Office 2007? If you've still got the Software Key somewhere then you can download a new copy and use that key to authorise it..
 Word Processing Software? - No FM2R
p.s. if you are the only person who ever edits your files, then there is no need to save it in MS Office format. You would only need to do that if you wished to send them to somebody by email, say.

If you're not doing that, just let it save in its own format.

Can you say a bit more about how you actually use the files. Do you simply print them, email them, share them etc. etc.?
 Word Processing Software? - Stuartli
If you just require a basic word processor you could try Jarte, my WP of choice. Simple to use, does what it says on the tin:
 Word Processing Software? - Duncan
Ahem... Er, shuffling of feet.

Some days ago, I did a reset of my PC. I was having trouble starting various programs, the PC offered me a "reset". I didn't know what it meant. I know, I should have asked. I did the reset and then for a non-tech bloke, had the game of getting everything running again, most of which I have now done.

Today, I found an MS Office Installation disk. It was 2003, not 2007. Anyway I stuck it in the machine and it accepted the product key. I now have Microsoft Office Professional Edition up and running on my machine.

My apologies to one and all. If this all sounds confused and muddled and contradictory, then that sums up my relationship with computers.

What are the problems that I am left with?

My Yahoo Mail is showing "not secure" and I have to log in each time, despite having "stay logged in" checked.

My iPad won't connect to the router.

Are the two things connected to the reset I did? Don't know, but I would have thought so.
 Word Processing Software? - No FM2R
2003 is very old. I think I'd recommend that you looked at Libre Office.

Unless, of course, 2003 is doing everything that you want or think you want, then perhaps it falls under the heading of "if it's not broken then don't fix it". Which is where computers mostly live.

iPad and the router? Probably not connected to the reset.

Yahoo Mail, could well be

Was this a Windows 10 reset you did? Probably identifiable because it would straight away have asked you if you wanted to keep your old files.
 Word Processing Software? - movilogo
Libre Office is very good. In fact Linux nowadays is as polished as Windows/Mac.

You can also use free online version of Microsoft Office.

 Word Processing Software? - Duncan
Office 2003 does what I need.

Yes, it was Windows 10 reset. It did ask if I wanted to keep my files, to which I said yes.

As I said, for some reason Yahoo Mail is "not secure", and I can't connect my iPad and iPhone to the wifi connection. A techie relation is coming over tomorrow, to sort me out, hopefully!

Thanks for the advice.
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