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 DVD NTSC - Ambo
I thought to get an "A Hedgehog in the Fog" (Russian animation) disc as a Christmas Present for my young granddaughters. The only ones available on Amazon are shown as "DVD NTSC". Are these the type that won't play on British Blu Ray players?
 DVD NTSC - tyrednemotional
AFAIK most/many current Blu Ray players are both PAL and NTSC compatible (and should convert and or upscale the NTSC source to your TVs expected output, if connected via HDMI).

It is imperative you check the player's specs however.

A different issue that might affect you is the DVDs region coding (since NTSC implies Europe is not its intended market). I had a quick look for the one you mention, and the versios I found wer region-free (and NTSC) so the region coding in this case is probably not an issue.
 DVD NTSC - Ambo
Thanks. I got copy and it works properly.
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