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 Manipulating photos - smokie
I am getting some personalised beer mats made, through eBay.

The ad says

"Please try to send the best image you can make. 125 pixels per cm is best.

Your image should be 98mm x 98mm. It will then be trimmed to 94mm square with rounded corners. You WILL lose about 2mm all round"

Can anyone recommend what free products can I use to achieve these precise requirements? I've made the first of two jpg.s with Paint 3D but I can't see anywhere to sort out these parameters.

 Manipulating photos - No FM2R
Surely Paint 3D will.

Go to "Resize" and click on "Pixels" rather than "Percentage".. Is that not what you want?

Ok, it's not per inch but presumably you can get past that calculation.
 Manipulating photos - sherlock47
Irfanview can now do most things graphic - my goto application for graphics.
 Manipulating photos - rtj70
 Manipulating photos - smokie
Thanks. Yep, Paint 3D does the trick - I did try calculating but it came out totally wrong so I just adjusted it up and down, printing each time, until it was right.

I'm just downloading IRFANVIEW and that has brought back a distant memory - the TUCOWS download site. That used to be the go-to place for software!

I didn't try GIMP, bit maybe you were just name-calling anyway :-)
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