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 W10 file sharing / remote access - No FM2R
Has anything changed on W10 recently that might have caused this;

ES File Explorer from my daughter's tablet is now saying that a recent change means it must use SMB (Not sure that's the right acronym).

Other Android File Explorers cannot even find my computer.

TV in my bedroom can no longer access Kodi on my computer over WiFi

Other daughter can no longer access the smart folders on my computer via her Smart TV

This could all be coincidence, and whilst it's all just come to my notice it could have been like it for a while. I just wonder if Microsoft have changed anything on file sharing / remote access recently?

 W10 file sharing / remote access - sherlock47
Whilst I can not immediately answer the question - Windows 10 update is currently rolling out version 1809 - has your machine been updated? They deferred rollout due to some major problems but I believe they have now restarted the rollout.

I am now a Teamviewer convert - working sucessfully on fathers machine. (v13)
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 W10 file sharing / remote access - smokie
I can still reach my WD NAS from ES Explorer with nothign altered.

Some ideas here

 W10 file sharing / remote access - No FM2R


Excellent link, thank you.
 W10 file sharing / remote access - No FM2R
No, I'm on 1803. At worse my connections have been broken for 2 months, so I guess that's not it.

Glad Teamviewer is working out for you.
 W10 file sharing / remote access - devonite
just to help clarify - the October update was pulled after several users reported files being deleted, this lasted for about a fortnight whilst Microsoft sorted the problem, it is now fixed and the update is rolling again.
 W10 file sharing / remote access - rtj70
My guess is the W10 update has removed support for older version of the SMB protocol for security reasons and now it does not work for ES Explorer. Just a theory. I don't have an active W10 machine at the moment and it will be out of date. But SMB versions have been insecure.
 W10 file sharing / remote access - Stuartli
After I installed the latest Windows 10 update earlier this month I discovered that my 200+ Download library files had been Deleted (one of the problems that can or might arise with the update).

It proved a reminder of the value of regular backups....!!!
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