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 Avast - Duncan
I am getting annoying pop-ups from Avast on my screen.

To the best of my knowledge I have never installed Avast. How do I get rid of them?

I have done a search and found two entries:-

One is -Avast free antivirus_setup_online

C:userspublicpublicdesktop type shortcut

The other entry is the same but type is application

I don't want or need Avast, I use Microsoft's own programs.

Help please.
 Avast - Zero
 Avast - Duncan
Thank you.

BTW how did it get on there, because I am sure that I didn't knowingly install it?
 Avast - tyrednemotional you use Ccleaner?

Lots of complaints about Avast silently installing itself against a Ccleaner install or update.

Like many a/v products, Avast can be intrusive and difficult to remove using standard Windows methods. If it won't go, you may need their uninstall tool.

 Avast - devonite
It may have been offered with some other software you have downloaded and you may have missed ticking the decline box. Some software offer you McAfee antivirus or Chrome browser for example, and if you miss ticking the box at installation the unwanted stuff gets installed that way.
 Avast - Duncan
Yes, I have found that I have unwittingly installed McAfee in that way.

Why do they do this, because surely they create more bad will than goodwill?
 Avast - Ambo
I have had the same problem with McAfee. They only do it to sell the product and have obviously balanced the prospect of a sale against the bad will that could result, and decided that the odds are with them.

I used Avast for a while and recall that it, too, was hard to get rid of. It was too long ago for me to remember how.
 Avast - Stuartli
You can use the Avast! uninstall offering mentioned earlier. However, I've used the free version of Avast! for many years and have never found it intrusive.

McAfee is also offered when updating Adobe Flash Player via the website, but it's easy to ensure it isn't installed. Reminder here to change the FP download to being for the UK.
 Avast - Dulwich Estate II
" However, I've used the free version of Avast! for many years and have never found it intrusive."

I am in complete agreement.
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