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 What accounts for this? - Ambo
I had 5 retained emails, all shown as read. On switching on this afternoon a further three had been sent but so had all I had received and deleted back to Supt. 19th, shown as unread, then back further to April 4th., shown as read. What could account for this?

I read the three new ones, deleted the lot and switched off. Switching on again I found no new messages but sent one to myself. It duly appeared but there was nothing further.
 What accounts for this? - devonite
Don't suppose you've recently loaded a Restore point?
 What accounts for this? - smokie
Do you know whether you are using POP or IMAP email? Or an online mail?

Sounds like IMAP, maybe getting it's syncing in a twist.

You might just check that your system date is correct, but that is usually a cause for mails not being sent, when it is wrongly set in the future.
 What accounts for this? - Ambo
Not Restored, use POP. No further trouble today. It looks as if the Deleted file somehow copied itself across but I have now deleted all the Deleted items.
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